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Potty 911

Aaah! This is so cute! Almost-3-year-old Emmelyn Roettger may be the youngest member of Mensa, but she's still a toddler and she knows what's more important than an interview on national TV:

My belly hurts,” little Emme wailed on the TODAY show Friday after correctly answering several pop quiz questions on natural science and the solar system posed by Natalie Morales. “I have to go poop!”

From the TODAY show: Link was killing me that the poor kid had to practically beg someone to let her go potty. a kid that age hasn't been potty trained for all that long and she's telling you she's gotta can wait when a kid has to go that bad.

btw, i see parents do this all the time in stores. the kid is telling the mom they have to 'go' just like they're supposed to...but the mom is on the phone or just not paying attention. i swear, more often than not, the child is also holding 32oz drink that was probably given to them to hush them up. i saw one poor little girl who peed on the floor because she just couldn't wait any longer. her mom was busy looking at laundry soap. heck, i don't have kids and i totally saw that coming. anyway, sorry for the off-topic rant...but parents, when your kid tells you they 'gotta go', you need to listen.
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Or, she's a 3 year old and like almost every 3 years old on this planet, she enjoys and had fun seeing herself in the TV. Also I can't believe someone could play Doctor and try to diagnostic a little girl while seeing her 2 minutes on TV. It's like saying "I saw someone cough in the bus today. Base on his skin complexion at the time and the way he stood He may have Lung cancer".
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so, you're yankin' me right? because
she's 3...i do believe that what her parents
are doing - enrolling her in mensa & doing
the 'morning show rounds' - will
ensure full-blown narcissism though.
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No, she probably does have to go poop. Actually she does still show pretty much all the signs of mild autism or aspergers, possibly abiogenesis of the corpus callosum (e.g. Albert Einstein). She may have undiscovered synaesthesia as well. A lot of so-called "autistic savants" are also synaesthetes and adapt to interpersonal relations quite well (e.g. Daniel Tammett, for a more extreme case Kim Peek).

I could not find anything on the actual Mensa test taken. Assuming she took the test once there is a low-probability chance she got lucky on random selections. She may however, and more likely did, answer correctly.

To my earlier point. Intelligence correlates more with narcissism, and to some extent, autism might too (that depends on what you mean by 'narcissism'). The child exhibits a rather consistent lack of concern for what the purpose of the whole set-up is and perseveres in entertaining herself on the visual feedback of her own image (She is like Narcissus staring at his reflection). Everyone exhibits this tendency, but more-so the more one is admired by others and the more intelligent one is. Intelligence does not only allow people to achieve better scores on standardized intelligence quotients, but it also allows them greater ability to deceive others and themselves.

The purpose for saying that was I guess to draw attention to the attention drawn to her. Although we enjoy marveling in her achievements and idolizing her as such, it very likely isn't in her best interest.

IMHO. The opinion expressed herein is mine and does not reflect that of my employer or the organization through which the internet was accessed.
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Apparently deceptive behavior and narcissism in children correlates strongly with intelligence measures. That is, smarter kids are more likely to lie, and lie well.
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