Mom Arrested for Taking 6-Year-Old Daughter Tanning

Tanning enthusiast Patricia Krentcil was recently in hot water when she's accused of child endangerment by letting her 6-year-old daughter tan in a tanning bed:

Krentcil said when the school nurse asked her daughter how she got burned, she simply said, ‘I go tanning with mommy.’” However, the woman said her daughter’s burn was not from getting into a tanning bed, but from being outside and playing in the backyard.

“She’s 6 years old. Yes, she does go tanning with mommy, but not in the booth,” Krentcil said.

While little Anna might not be able to tell the story exactly as it happened, Krentcil is still in trouble with the law.

“The whole thing’s preposterous!” she said.

Krentcil said the incident has darkened her favorite hobby, but not enough to stop.

Link (with video clip of the very, very, VERY tanned woman - Photo: CBS2)

Ooh ooh Neatonauts assemble! We need to write a new children's book titled "Why mommy died from melanoma" andd we've only got six months! Go team neat!
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I agree with ted. Saw some other videos of this woman, and it appears she dyes her face darker for each TV camera that shows up. In one video, I saw her neck is not nearly as dark as her face.
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It's true that smoking around your kids is bad, but it's not the same as lighting one up for them. That would be the equivalent act in this case, making the child actively participate in something that is potentially dangerous to her health.

The other damage this woman is doing to her child is increasing the chance that her little girl will grow up without a mother. At the very least she will cause her daughter to have a distorted sense of self-esteem, as the mother clearly has esteem issues.
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It's interesting how much attention this story is getting but people seem to have no problem with parents that smoke cigarettes 7 days a week in the company of their children. Parents who smoke with their kids in the car don't get hauled into court (although I think they should) every time they light up. If you smoke in your childs presence, you are doing much more harm than this woman.
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Whether the child was in the tanning booth with her mom or not, this woman clearly has problems and needs help now. Very sad. I hope the kid is able to think for herself and won't copy mom. She looks stupid.
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Wow. Tell me that was from the Onion.
Funny thing is her arrest picture didn't look that brown. I think she sprayed one on for the cameras.
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That's not tanning, that's polishing your boots and not knowing when to stop. I've seen antique mahogany tables which look like stripped pine in comparison to her face :)
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