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Married... With Children Around the World

Twenty-five years ago, the new Fox Network began airing their first prime time sitcom, Married... with Children. The show, about a dysfunctional working-class family in Chicago, ran for eleven seasons until 1997. The series went into syndication beginning in 1991 and reruns can still be seen.

But just because the series went out of production in 1997 in the United States doesn't mean it's passé. The concept, characters, and even scripts from the original Fox series have been remade in countries all over the world.


The newest version is called Zheneni s deca v Balgaria, which translates to Married with Children in Bulgaria. You can watch the entire first episode at YouTube (and you'll find other episodes if you can read the titles). The series debut last month inspired redditor sudurjalimonovsok to post a picture of the TV family. The resulting thread had redditors from all over the world showing us their countries' versions of the show.


The Argentine version called Casados con Hijos debuted in 2005, and is broadcast to Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Peru. Only two seasons were filmed, but they were so popular they still air in reruns.


The Chilean version is named Casados con hijos, the same as the Argentine show.


Casados con hijos is also the show's name in Colombia. What does it mean? Married with Children.


This Croatian show is titled Bracne Vode, which means The Waters of Marriage. Two seasons were produced, in 2008 and 2009.


The German show Hilfe, meine Familie spinnt only ran for 26 episodes during 1993. The publicity still makes it look pretty grim.


The Hungarian show Egy rém rendes család Budapesten aired for 26 episodes in 2006-07. The name is supposed to mean Married with Children in Budapest, but a literal translation is A gruesomely decent family in Budapest.


Redditor karmazon says the Polish version is awesome, and has been airing since 1999. The title is Swiat wedlug Kiepskich, which translates to The World According to the Kiepskis. You can tell by the picture that this production strayed a bit from the original formula instead of trying to clone the American sitcom. The family is purely Polish, and so is the production. However, the series takes its inspiration from both Married... with Children and The Simpsons.


Russia aired the American series for years, then did their own version called Shastlivy Vmeste, which means Happy Together. It uses translated scripts from the original Fox episodes.


In Spain, the name of the show is Matrimonio con hijos.


The show seen in Turkey is titled Evli ve Çocuklu. It has been on air since 2004.


(YouTube link)

The series Married For Life was a remake of Married... with Children produced in 1996. Only seven episodes were produced, and from what I've heard, even fewer were seen by any measurable number of people.


Yeah, it's a joke.

(All images were gathered from the reddit thread)

I'm calling bullshit on the Polish version. All the others have the same characters, more or less the same house layout, most titles are literal translations, some even recicled scripts... but the connection with the Polish one is that... both are about some dysfunctional family? That is true for about half the sitcoms of the last 25 years. You could as well call it a Polish Roseanne, a live-action Simpsons, a muppet-less Unhappily Ever After, or even [gasp!] an original take on an overused sitcom formula.
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If I recall, the Russian version has actually lasted longer than the original American version. I seem to remember reading somewhere that at one point they actually had a few of the original American writers crafting new scripts for them.
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If you want to make money:

1) Ridicule those in power, i.e. politicians or the boss
2) Give ordinary people something or somebody out-of-the-ordinary to talk about, e.g. celebrity gossip
3) Let people laugh at characters who are clownish, but take themselves seriously, e.g. the characters in Fraser
4) Allow people to laugh at characters who share their own less-than-desirable qualities as in Roseanne
5) Present characters who are such losers that almost anyone can feel superior to them, e.g. the Bundys

All are time honored formulas.
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hello there is also an israeli show on pre-production in israel.
a link to the face book page of the show:

p.s the original is still on reruns in israel
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What, you're not going to include your shitty little remarks about my single typo here? Don't worry, I've saved your post for posterity.

UK was on my list, right before the last entry of Spain. I'm not surprised though as you don't strike me as one who knows how to verify their claims.

I'm the 7th post on the page with 178 upvotes. If you didn't see my post you're either lying or incompetent. Seeing how your idea of "Journalism" is stealing reddit thread content and reposting it on your little blog, well I guess you're telling the truth.
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I didn't use your list. I gathered those from the comments of redditors who posted them the day that thread was posted. I didn't even see your list until this morning when I went back to get the spelling of a couple of redditors' names correct. The publicity stills came from the redditors who contributed them.

As far as I can tell, you didn't upload, download, or research any of this. You found the comments that had pictures and relisted the links. I found those comments and downloaded the pictures. Then I looked up each show, got some information on them, and posted source links. And gave credit to reddit. Several times.

I had a couple more items in my list than you did the UK show and the porn parody picture, but dropped the porn parody because I didn't want to research it, and any source links wouldn't be right for Neatorama.
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An Israeli version is also being produced, and the first episode is scheduled to be aired on May 7th.
If you want to update your list,
source (in Hebrew):
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Hi there, I'm ThePain from Reddit. I'm the guy that searched through that thread and organized all the pictures into one post.

Couldn't help but notice you just took my list and put it up as a blog post. Please contact me so we can discuss my share of the ad revenue this generates!
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Brazil had a terrible version called "Guerra dos Pintos" "Pinto's War" ("Pinto" is a commom surname in Brazil).

They also made a "Who's The Boss". I can't think a good reason why. WHY? I mean... the network at the time (1999) had the rights for "Mad About You" and other better shows. I hate TV Networks executives.
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They used to air the US version in Germany under the name "A Terribly Nice Family". Al Bundy was used in commercials, he was so popular.
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From the one seen in Argentina, the actress who plays Kelly (named Paola in the local version) is Luisana Lopilato, wife of Canadian singer Michael Bublé.
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