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The Titanic was a Real Ship!


Sunday will be the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. Some people are just finding out that this was a real historical event, and not just a figment of James Cameron's fertile imagination. See the full graphic at TwitPic. Link -via Breakfast Links

Mind you, even from the so called historians who call the titanic the worst maritime disaster in history, what about sinking of the the ship Wilhelm Gustloff with 9400 people dead, the Estonia in 1994 with 852 lives,
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If you actually knew how science works, you'd realize that to scientists who actually spend their entire lives studying their respective fields, the word "theory" does not mean opinion, as you seem to imply. In fact, a good scientist rarely ever uses the word "fact," because the best that we humans can do is make conclusions based on observations, but rarely can we ever say that something is an absolute "fact."

To a scientist, the word "theory" refers to a PROVEN concept backed by evidence and repeated observation. There is absolutely NO evidence or repeated observation to back up creationism. None whatsoever.
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I watched a documentary about the Italian cruise ship, and the people on board were expressing how they felt at the time it was happening. They felt like they were in the movie "The Titanic". They were relating to the movie obviously, but I wondered why they didn't just say they felt like they were on the Titanic. It occurred to me that maybe they didn't know the Titanic was real, but I dismissed that idea - who could be that ignorant?
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The people who don't vote have the right idea, though not necessarily for their reasons. Voting is irrelevant because of, inter alia:
(a) institutionalized vote fraud,
(b) our problems being commercial in nature, thus being unsolvable via political means--apples vs. oranges,
(c) the foolishness of looking to politicians for solutions to problems we the people are creating,
(d) the citizenship requirement for being eligible to vote, U.S. citizenship being an inferior status, and
(e) etc., etc., etc.
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These people don't vote.

You know young people don't exactly have good turnouts to vote, and honestly, do you think an idiot who thought the Titanic was fiction is going to be interested or even AWARE that politics are happening?
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lulu wrote:
The same type of ignorance that believes in creationism and waves off evolution.

For heaven's sake, can you restrain yourself from bashing people's beliefs for one minute?

You can't compare the two at all. Titanic = fact. Creationism/evolution = theories. Not knowing about an incredibly well-known shipwreck does not equate to believing/disbelieving a theory.
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I remember watching the movie in the theater when it first came out and there were some teenagers surprised that the ship actually sank. I couldn't believe that they didn't know.
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I remember, back in college, going to see the movie Titanic. A girl with me was furious at the screenwriters for revealing at the beginning of the movie that the ship sank.
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I once worked with a guy who thought Washington, D.C. was in Washington state. No joke. And that's only one example of his ignorance.
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I know what you mean,ShyWarrior. I've worked with people who cannot grasp the concept that we didn't have cell phones and the internet in the eighties. I listened to records as a child, and did not own CD's until the mid nineties. It still pains me to hear people thought the Titanic was only in a movie. Where did these people grow up?
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I went back to College and met some young people who didn't believe me when I told them that there was no internet in my high school when I was there (Class of '92) and didn't know when World War 2 had occured (One of them said "In the 70s, whith the hippies in China")

Since then nothing can surprise me.

Humanity is doomed.
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