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Cheesecake-Stuffed Strawberries

To maintain a healthy diet, you need to eat five servings of fruit or vegetables a day. Strawberries are a fruit. Ergo, these wonderful bite-sized delights are a healthy choice. You can find the recipe by Natalie of The Sweets Life at the link.

Link -via Briannah Munoz

Just to add to what Edward said--Toffuti cream cheese should also be out of the running if we're talking ethics. Have you seen "Food, inc."? Watch it and see what you think about soybeans after that. A more ethical version could be made by using raw milk to create your own cream cheese.
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Edward I agree with you 100%. Juvenile of people in here to be so defensive. If 1/2 of you knew how people torture the animals and animal products you eat, you'd be disgusted. The other half of you should endure a slow painful death to see how they feel'!!
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Uh, Henry, if for some reason you think that Edward is somehow being "tolerant" here, you probably need your meds checked, dear.

I know that if I had certain dietary restrictions, I wouldn't make them everybody else's problem wherever I go. I eat what I eat, and you eat what you eat. Live and let live.
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I am not violently imposing anything. I am stating facts.
I am not stating what I like or dislike, I never said I don't like the taste of cream cheese. I am saying that cheese is produced in conditions that you would likely not agree with yourselves.

I feel that some of us needs to be the voice of the underdogs, be it for feminism, gay rights or black rights - we've been there as a society over and over and with each and every cause we're met with ridicule and oppression.

Read this and tell me that this is ethical:

Ethics are already a part of your life in many ways. When you're angry at someone and you don't punch them or kill them. When a child breaks something and you're more understanding than you are with an adult. When you're horny and you choose not to have sex with the drunken girl.
When you free the bird that's stuck inside your house or help the dog that was run over by a car.

Why must you be so defensive about eating a few "ingredients" which are completely unessential to your survival or well-being and which cause so much suffering, environmental destruction and health problems?
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Oh Edward, I tried that, but the thought of all the pain those poor beans felt as they were ruthlessly uprooted from their homes and sent off to be "milked" was too much for me. The screams coming from them as I squished their guts out so that I could use their life juice for my cheese still haunts me.
The horror, oh the horror.
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Or, Edward, you could let people enjoy what they like and you enjoy what YOU like. These look fantastic, and if they are cruel -- BRING ON THE CRUELTY! I'll punch an otter in the face for delicious cheesecake.
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Like the previous jello shots, this recipe hopes to make something edible of the huge mutant strawberries that growers love because they are heavy and you don't have to pick so many to make a pound. But the smaller strawberries taste better! I got some berries last week that were so large I had to dice them like an onion for strawberry shortcake. The huge tasteless core that makes up so much of the berry may as well be tossed and the space filled with something tasty.
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Instead of using cholesterol filled and cruelty causing cream cheese, try replacing it with dairy free Tofutti cream cheese. It's perfect for deserts as it actually had a slightly more sweet taste than the one made from cow's milk.
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