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Every Jump of the General Lee, Seasons 1-6

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Put this on a continuous loop, and I could watch it all day. Treva Graham compiled every jump of the General Lee during the first six seasons of The Dukes of Hazzard.

How many times should they jump the General Lee in an episode? The correct answer is "more".

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Again with the "they broke so many that the rest became more valuable"? Between '68 and '69, Dodge pumped out almost 170,000 Chargers. Even if they destroyed 100 Chargers, that's 0.06% (0.0006/100) of the total production. To say that a TV show influenced the value of the car by decreasing the available supply is ridiculous. Now, if you want to argue that they made the car more popular and *that* influenced the value of the car ...I might listen.
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@ rondini

I seem to recall reading somewhere that after the first season, when the show turned out to be a hit, they had to conserve the cars - make the leaps less destructive, reuse old footage, etc., for the reason that there were few cars available and the prices had gone up too much.
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Interesting fact, when the two main characters asked for a contract renewal they asked for too much money. So, the TV giant did a market research in Kentucky (and *only* in Kentucky) and according to their research there, people were only watching the show to see the car, the General Lee. So the show canned the two main characters and hired to look alike's. The show jumped the shark and immediately was taken off the air because of this. LOL

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Amazing how often the car lands with right front hitting ground first. Plus all the 68 chargers they destroyed did wonders for the resale value of the ones that are left. I seem to recall reading somewhere that they trashed 2 per show.
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Glad they left out the jumps from the final season where they were staged with minitures. It was almost as bad as the Coy and Vance episodes.
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