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Frito Pie, As Served in the Dime Store That Invented It

Frito pie, a delicacy of the American Southwest, consists of Frito chips, chili, cheese, beans and onions. Its origins are a mystery, but one legend places its birth at a Woolworth's lunch counter in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Woolworth's isn't around anymore, but a dime store still resides at that location. It serves Frito pie at a snack bar in the back, with the ingredients poured into a slit open Frito bag.

Look at that picture. You're already getting hungry, aren't you?

Link -via Tasteologie | Photo: Boulder Locavore

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because competition is the way of the Alfas, you beta...

hehehe... nah...dont over react...just a stating a fact..

you know....tostitos are not orinally from mexico... so...somebody somewhere for sure ...given time... will came up with the same, or similar ideas..
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Yea I get sick of the "no we invented it" cra*.
Just eat and enjoy.
You can get great eats from any city why be so conpetitive?
Didn't Kim "something" Il invent it to feed North Korea?
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These has been around in mexico like...forever...but in mexico we have a lot of combination, such as:

Dorito, melted american cheese, jalapeno...(like Nachos, but in a bag)

Doritos, or tostitos, with, chili beans,

Doritos or tostitos, with coleslaw, tomato and liquid chile, (its something like your tabasco sauce...but in mexico, you have like 30 different variations and they came in huge bottles.)(a friend of mine told me that in california you can find all these bottles, targeting the mexican comunity, try find "chamoy").

Tostitos, japanesse penauts, (the ones with the crust) and chamoy...

Tostitos with yellow corn grain, cheese... and finally,

The "Tostitos LOCOS".... everything of the above...

but you can make your own combinations too....Im 36, and I used to eat this when I was a Kid.......
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Woolworth's on the Plaza in Santa Fe is the first place I had it, but they served it in a onions for me!! LOVE RED CHILE!!!!
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They sell this at a race track in Little Rock too. It's delicious.

Sonic Drive-in sold it for a while, along with a Fritos chili Pie wrap.
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This looks like what we call a "walking taco" - sold anywhere the food wagons show up (fairs, festivals, etc) - at least in Ohio.
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they used to serve it at my high school student store in southern california, it's been about 12 years since I have had it...Might need to make a run to the store ASAP.
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Actually, this is fairly common in Mexico. a typical snack sold in "tienditas", little stores found in popular neighborhoods, that in most cases occupy the front of a house.
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