Where's the W Cuh?!?!?

Where indeed. Can you solve the mystery of the disappearing W, Neatoramanauts? Via Accordion Guy

Alex is right, indicating your comment is sarcastic defeats the object of sarcasm.

It's in a similar vein to those people who have to point out when something is a joke. If we can't tell it's a joke without being told then it isn't funny and so isn't a joke.
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Yes, without looking at the others because I am a brilliant man and don't need any fricking help.

And even though you didn't ask for it I will tell you the answer, not just that I CAN answer it!

Red is a magic color that refuses to grow up, and lost its shadow while fighting an alligator in Never Never Land.

Or maybe the red W is just on the strings and the angle of the racket to the camera give it the illusion of solidity. One of those two things.
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in my country we use exlamation mark in parenthesis. " (!) " according to wikipedia. karl max was using it. It works just fine. just put it at the end of the phrase
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Aaaactually, The W is probably clearing brush on his ranch in Texas, and he's probably wishing for a Republican Presidential frontrunner actually capable of going up against Obama!
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I think we should nominate "~" as an indicator of sarcasm. What do you guys think? It could be used like apostrophes around the sarcastic statement. The tilde isn't really used often anyway. And when it is used, its in association with a numerical value, which can't be confused for a sarcastic statement.
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It's easy to solve. They guy is smart enough to get on the net but too damn stupid to understand how a shadow is cast. There really need to be societal rules for this degree of dumb.

There also needs to be a sarcastic font so people don't take your posts literally.
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