Dogs Perform with Musician

(YouTube link)

The YouTube title of this video is Dogs Match Music Notes Perfectly, which is a bit misleading because several times the dogs hit a note before the ocarina player does. I'm not sure exactly how this was accomplished, but it's cute. -via Buzzfeed

BANG! I visited that link. I stand corrected. The fucker can definitely read. (I've been struggling for years and I still can't read with out using my index finger and counting the lines. D'oh!)
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@Red Neptune:

Nah, I think the doggies are doing more than that. Check out one of them reading (pictures of) notes in this vid:

Also, note the pidgeon strutting around in the background. :D
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Maybe...if you put a keyboard on autoplay with a song programmed into it, it will play the song note for note regardless of what key you strike. (The juggler video where he bounces the balls on the keyboard to play a song...remember?) I think these wonderful pups hit one key every time the player toots. The player seems to indicate the position on the keyboard by nodding towards the corresponding high or low end. (Okay, I see what you've done there.)
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