German Sausage Lovers Choose Which Pigs to Eat

Love bratwurst? German meat lovers can now buy a pack of sausage made from pigs that they personally choose (Pig #2 looks particularly yummy!):

Consumers can even go to a website to look at pictures of the pigs, read the latest news on each sow and then vote for the animal they want to eat.

The winner gets converted into sausages and other meat products.

"I think man has lost touch with his food," said Dennis Buchman, the creator of the Meine Kleine Farm My Little Farm in English initiative.

"People eat a sausage like a carrot; without any thought about what goes into it."

Link - via Arbroath

Oh, the hate comments we're gonna get on this one!

Tableside service wouldn't necessarily mean a delay; it would just mean that all the pigs have been butchered and labeled already, and these are the pictures of what they used to look like. Wouldn't be much of a draw, though. We know they could easily substitute when a certain cut from a certain pig runs out.
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I don't know that I want to know the details of what went into my sausages, or hotdogs or pies. Knowing that my bacon came from a pig doesn't worry me at all.

I don't like the table service idea at all (sorry John), only because I don't like the idea of the added delay on my meal. As a general rule, my hungry tends to be a bit too urgent for that!
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I've butchered a couple of hogs. I recommend the experience because it can be a useful skill.

This is a neat concept, but I'll wait for tableside service, like in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.
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I'm a vegetarian and have no problem with people seeing the animal they are going to eat. I hate the disconnect that people have between their meals and where it actually comes from.

Also, this is not a farmer who is factory farming. These are likely well taken care of pigs being treated well.
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If people don't have a problem with it, then awesome.
I'm a meat eater, I know what the animal looked like, but I certainly wouldn't want to actually pick which one is going to be my next meal :P
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I'm vegan, but purely for dietary reasons. I completely support the idea of people seeing the animals that they eat. Hunting is a great teaching tool in this regard.
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Lobster restaurants have been doing the non-digital version of that for years. This is just an internet pork version of the big tank that you can point at the one you'd like boiled up.

If I were a vegetarian, I might have room to find it off-putting. But I eat meat. Whether it's from an animal I've chosen personally or seen on the hoof doesn't make it any more or less icky than one that was processed without me seeing it before it hit my plate.

I grew up with eating farm animals being quite the norm. The animal you saw born or brought home as a little piglet or calf or chick and fed and cared for every day was some day going to be on your dinner table. And you knew that and it was okay. It was just the way of the world.
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