The Badgermin is a Stuffed Badger Theremin

David Cranmer is an eccentric maker of sculptures and musical instruments, such as the Furby Gurdy. By combining the musical abilities of the badger and the aesthetic appeal of a theremin, he has created the future of music. Watch a video of a performance at the link.

Link -via Geekosystem

Greyman: It is not creative *in your opinion* and it is not art *in your opinion*. Fortunately the world doesn't revolve around your opinion, or we'd be in a much duller world I suspect. I think this is great, and I'm glad someone made it. Any claims of animal cruelty are ridiculous.

Then again, I suspect you're just trolling anyhow so this conversation is all pretty pointless.
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I can see why you might not like this. But I think it's presumptuous to claim that it's "not creative and it is not art" or that "it took almost no skill whatsoever"... Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's not creative. Just because you disagree with it doesn't mean it's not art. And just because you didn't make it, doesn't mean it doesn't take skill.

Since you are an expert on creative and skillfully crafted art, maybe you should show us something you've done?
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I dont care whether the animal was killed specifically for this purpose. People die sometimes too but that does not mean we should stuff a piano inside them. It is disrespectful to the life of the animal. This is not creative and it is not art. It took almost no skill whatsoever to accomplish other than being handy with a knife or glue.
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breaking news: animals die sometimes

grow up and deal with it

there is no way this badger was killed to make this theremin specifically more than likely it was a dead animal that was stuffed and then ended up in an antique shop where it was bought and then modified into a theremin case
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The look on that Badger's face does not reflect a tortured demise. Actually Badgers don't usually look that serene and I'd suggest that whatever Karma remains in that flyblown corpse is in full appreciation of the artistic endeavour. What we really need here is a slightly more accomplished virtuoso so that the resulting composition sounds less like a piano accompanied colonoscopy.
Lighten up people, Badger is kinda like cowbell. Too much is never enough.
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Neatorama, you should just stop posting animal articles because inevitably there will be ridiculous claims of animal cruelty. This guy made something interesting, dare I say neat, out of a worthless piece of taxidermy that would have just been gathering dust. At least he put it to use. This isn't torture, nor abuse, nor deranged. To say it is, is beyond hyperbole, get some perspective.
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I'd actually agree with ChrisLocke- the walking posture makes me think that this badger was stuffed and mounted prior to being turned into a theremin. Plus, it's a bit much to assume the badger was "tortured" prior to being stuffed- simple hunting =/= cruelty.
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Maybe the artist found the stuffed badger in an antique store, and turned it into an instrument. I'm not sure it's fair to assume the artist killed it just to make it into a theremin. Go to hell for making a musical instrument out of an old musty stuffed vermin? Doubtful.
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I say the last two post show that something is wrong with your content management editorial line. Please stop showing animal cruelty and dead animals. Please. Definitely not neat.
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What the hell is wrong with people. Im not a huge fan of badgers but this is just sick. What a pointless way to decorate an equally pointless instrument. Someone that would kill an animal just to stuff a musical instrument out of it is a truly deranged individual. Theres a special place in hell for you my friend.
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