Most Creative Employee Excuses for Being Late to Work

Late to work again? Don't settle for drab excuses like traffic or oversleeping - your boss has undoubtedly heard those before. Instead, distract 'em with a creative excuse for your tardiness!

Here are some of the most ingenious explanations for being late, as compiled by CareerBuilder:

Some of the more outrageous justifications reported by the employers included:

Employee's cat had the hiccups.
Employee got distracted watching the "Today" show.
Employee thought she had won the lottery (she hadn't).
Employee's angry roommate cut the cord to his phone charger, so it didn't charge and his alarm didn't go off.
Employee believed his commute time should count toward his work hours.
Employee claimed a fox stole her car keys.
Employee's leg was trapped between a subway car and the platform (turned out to be true).
Employee said he wasn't late because he had no intention of getting to work before 9 a.m. (his start time was 8 a.m.)
Employee was late because of a job interview with another firm.
Employee had to take a personal call from the state governor (turned out to be true).
The study was based on surveys of more than 3,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals and 7,780 U.S. workers.

If my cat has a hiccup, you'd be darned sure that I'd be late, too! (Photo: Shutterstock)

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