1980s Film Alphabet

I'm not usually good at this sort of thing, but I looked at the 1980s Film Alphabet and could name all the movies! Yes, even Raiders of the Lost Ark, which is under "I", for the character, I guess. This is a creation of artist Stephen Wildish. Link -via Laughing Squid

Raiders wasn't know as "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark" until the 1990s.

I can't figure out A, J, V, X, and Y.

Z is Zelig? I looked up Woody Allen. I guess not a lot of Z movies in the 80s.
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J is Jumpin' Jack Flash.

What's W? Is T (T)he Planet of the Apes? That seems cheap to me. In that vein, could A be (A)n Officer and a Gentleman? V, W, X and Y elude me.
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The ones I can get are these. If anyone can fill in the blanks, I'll be happy.

A = ?
B = Back to the Future
C = Coming to America
D = Dirty Dancing
E = ET
F = Flight of the Navigator
G = Ghostbusters
H = Honey I shrunk the kids (?)
I = Indiana Jones etc
J = Jumping Jack Flash
K = ?
L = Labrynth
M = Mannequin (?)
N = Nightmare on Elm Street
O = Octopussy
P = Princess Bride
Q = ?
R = Rambo
S = Short Circuit
T = Teen Wolf
U = Untouchables
V = Vice Versa (?)
W = Weird Science
X = Xanadu
Y = Young Blood (?)
Z = Zelig (?)
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Here's the list of this one:

Back to the Future
Coming to America
Dirty Dancing
Flight of the Navigator
Honey I Shrunk the Kids
Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark)
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Karate Kid
Nightmare on Elm Street
Princess Bride
Q, The Winged Serpent
Short Circuit
Teen Wolf
Vice Versa
Weird Science

Any dissension?
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