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Concrete Buffer Gone Wild

(YouTube link)

Office workers critique a construction crew trying to corral a runaway concrete buffing machine. This really, really needs some Yakety Sax. -via Buzzfeed

I guess the guys in the office thinks it's okay to stand there watching, not the lowly construction workers though. Uppity laborers, don't they know their place?
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Agreed, If you know so much you smug idiots, why don't you go down and stop it. I suppose their higher plane of concrete knowledge got them in the ivory tower office they are in today.
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To all of the above: get a sense of humor for Christ's sake. Jeez. You take every comedian literally? These guys were just making the most of an amusing situation, amusing themselves and each other (and now us).

I found the commentary to be absolutely hilarious.
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Oh, this was tremendous. We laughed until we cried. I have to hand it to construction workers, these guys were very creative in handling the situation.
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A friend of mine just saw this and put it into the --- BENNY HILLIFIER! you can see it here:

(Now it HAS the yakkety sax soundtrack)
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I'm with the guy who thought the office dudes were pricks. I'd like to post a video of them screwing up and audit. Now that would be funny.
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NOTHING in this world needs more Yackety Sax. If ever there was a played-out piece of music that makes anything less funny, that would be it.

It's just like how every stupid "zany" holiday comedy is promoted with the music of the Russian Dance from the Nutcracker.

The commentary is enough.
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I thought the commentators were funny, though it's clear they would have been completely useless if they were on the construction site. Calling a power trowel a 'concrete buffer'? Clearly they're pencil heads.
I suspect the real men in the video knew how bad it would hurt if they tried to grab a stuck trowel.
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