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Sarcastic Font

Like Ford Prefect from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a lot of people just don't pick up on sarcasm. People have proposed various solutions, such as a new punctuation mark. Another is the use of reversed italics -- tilting text to the left instead of the right. Like this:

There's an online movement...well, a just a website, so far, to promote the use of a sarcastic font. Do you think that we should use it?

Link -via Dave Barry | Image: BBC


I'll stick with my all caps, quotation marks, and [/sarcasm] tag, followed with a "I was being sarcastic" comment after they take that comment seriously...makes me feel better knowing I'm smarter that way

thanks, but no thanks...
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While cute, I believe that there should be an alternative. I personally use / / with my friends. for example...
"our football team lost!"
it works for us, without the use of a heavy overhaul of a font. However, a font may be better for longer, more facetious remarks.
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I have used slashes as brackets as well, the problem with that of course is that it is another layer of coding when you want to type something for web use. But it offers the sarcasm context as an exclamation, question, or declaration which a sarcasm mark would undermine.

An entire font dedicated to sarcasm is just ridiculous.
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Like the idea.

Very hard to convey tone in pure text.

NYT Study results that whatever you write in email/online text, if there is any wiggle-room, people will interpret it in the worst way possible.
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NO WAY, that takes all the fun out of it. Plus people will just use it wrong and then get confused when people think they're not serious. It might actually create more problems than it solves.
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Part of the joy is the uncertainty, leaving the reader questioning whether you've just wholeheartedly agreed with them or shown them up big-time.
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