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Master Parallel Parker

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The driver does it on a busy street, unlike the controlled circumstances of the current the Guinness World Record holder. He lightly bumps the car in the rear many times, but I've been told that in some cities the "love tap" is considered socially acceptable.

-via Jalopnik

I live in the suburbs of Minneapolis MN not down town. If someone were to back in and out of the front end of my car like that I would call the police and make a ins. claim. To have no respect for others personal property is ##$%%^&*(
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@tod - you've gotta be kidding. You park on the street, in the city, you car is going to get tapped. If you called the cops you'd be laughed at. The driver did a great job. I've got no problem with it.
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Lived in Philly my whole life, and it happens, every so often, but what this chode did is unacceptable, by city liver standards. I'd have broke every window in his car if I witnessed him do that to my car.
Use "the force" to get into a parking spot, not force.
/maybe cowardly, so what, that's some serious bullshit.
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A small tap isn't a bit deal in Albany and if you leave enough room for others, it shouldn't be a problem in the first place.
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This was on the local here in NYC,. It happened in Brooklyn (as it does everywhere else) and it's illegal...technically.
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Oh please, Carl, "broke every window in his car" [sic]? Over-react much? Or are you just a tough guy on the internet? You clearly don't live downtown because this is 100% percent acceptable in both big cities I've lived in (San Francisco and London). It's a fact of life, and sometimes it's your only resort. Done gently, it does no damage to the bumpers (it does scuff the paint a little, but after a few years in the city it pales to the other, real damage you'll have accumulated.
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If someone "love tapped" my car like that, I'd be tapping with my foot on his face. Touching someone else's car with your is not acceptable anywhere, wtf?
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