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$1000 Fine if Your Dog Barked Excessively

Tired of incessant yapping of your neighbor's dog? Well, the city of Los Angeles is on your side: they've decided to levy fines on the owners of dogs that bark excessively (and if that doesn't make 'em silence those pooches fast, I don't know what will).

Under the changes, dog owners would face fines starting at $250 for a first offense, $500 for a second and $1,000 for a third if a hearing conducted by the Department of Animal Services determines that a dog barks too much.

But exactly how much barking is too much?

The changes approved in the 12-0 vote would make that clearer to animal services officials, Assistant City Atty. Dov Lesel said.

A dog's barking would be considered excessive if it continued for 10 minutes or more, or intermittently for 30 minutes or more within a three-hour period, Lesel said.

I sympathize with those harrassed by barking dogs (one of my neighbor has a dog that barked all night for years) but ask any dog owner and they'll tell you that dogs are dogs and they will bark. Sometimes they bark a lot, especially if something unusual is up. And what happens if you're not there to silence your dog, say if you have to work and the dog is in the back yard?

Will the new rule penalize those in working-class neighborhood, who keep dogs for protection against break-ins? Or will it finally give peace to sore ears?


1) If I play music at top volume in the middle of the night, all night, every night; the police would be at my door. We live in a society.

2) >>Will the new rule penalize those in working-class neighborhood?

Why drag this into it? You could drag that into every single social issue if you wanted to. Sometimes this is justified, but not always.
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Our dogs bark on occassion but we've yelled at them enough so they'll maybe bark a couple of times and then shut up.
Our neighbor had an AWFUL dog that barked ALL the time b/c they always forgot the poor thing outside. Thankfully they moved so YAY no more annoying dog!
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What @hmm... said.

I like dogs but I like to sleep too. Peace and quiet means alot to me. If you can't keep your dog quiet, you shouldn't have one.

One of the nice things about living in an apartment complex - I can call the office and they'll tell the dog owners to shut them up, or else.
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My old neighbors dog used to bark continuously if someone was outside. It was so loud and persistent that I lost the use of my deck and back yard because as soon as I opened the door that wretched dog would start barking at me not stop, even if I were out there for hours.

Even though I didn't want to play the bitchy neighbor it got to the point where I had to get the neighborhood association involved.
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We got new neighbors a couple weeks ago and as soon as it hits 3 AM their dog never. Stops. Barking. At least until 12 AM. No exaggeration. It won't shut up. We've gone to the police twice, so I'm really hoping this new fine system works, well, fine.
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No owner enjoys listening to their dog bark for hours on end. I'm pretty sure that the dog is not going to notice the fine. Dogs don't always bark when they are scared, they also bark when they are happy, or playing. So I can't play with my dog anymore because he barks? All this will result in is more cases of animal abuse and more dogs in the pound. I have an idea- lets fine parents who have babies that cry for more than ten minutes.
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I lived out in the country. Had a house and ten acres. The next door neighbors had 23 and 10 acres. Every night at 3am until 4am one neighbor's outdoor 24/7/365 dog would bark. Obviously the guy didn't care but I did. I figured the guy couldn't hear or appreciate the noise his dog made so I called him at 3am one morning. When he answered I barked as loudly as I could for a while and then slammed down the phone. That ended the dog's barking. And I lived happily ever after.
Until he got 2 more dogs who kept pooping on my land because his 10 acres weren't good enough. They followed me into the garage one day so I called animal control. The dogs were gone for 2 weeks and the guy had a hefty fine. No more dogs on my lawn.
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@ annoymous:

Take your dog to a park, during the day, and play with it there. Problem solved. If you don't have time to do that, because you work, etc...? Don't own a dog. You don't deserve one. You have to MAKE time OUTSIDE of your home to go take a dog to play so it can bark its jack@$$ head off.

And if there are babies crying, its because they need 1 of 3 things, same as a dog. Potty, Food, Sleep. Not too hard.

People seriously need to use logic, and stop being [deleted].
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@Ben Eshbach

I'd pay between 10% and 25% more to live in a community that didn't allow dogs or outdoor cats.

Everywhere I've lived, there's been a neighbor who thinks it's a good idea to get a noisy, undisciplined dog.

The family behind me got an Akita that would constantly bark whenever anyone was outside. It was literally non-stop barking when the kids went out, when I used the grill, or when I mowed the lawn. "Fortunately" they got divorced and the wife took the dog.

The family that recently moved in next to me has three large dogs and two outdoor cats. The cats have been crapping in my flowerbeds ever since I added sand and other additives to improve the hard clay soil. Two of the dogs only poop along the fence nearest my house. The stench of feces can get truly awful during midsummer and I have to mention it to them on a regular basis, and that only gets the dog crap cleaned up for a day or two. Liberal application of animal repellent that claims to work for dogs and cats hasn't worked so far.

On second thought, I'm SURE I'd pay 10-25% more to live in a "pets prohibited" community.
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