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What Is It? game 197

It's time for our collaboration with the always fascinating What Is It? Blog. Can you guess what the pictured item is?

Place your guess in the comment section below. One guess per comment, please, though you can enter as many guesses as you'd like in separate comments. Post no URLs or weblinks, as doing so will forfeit your entry. Two winners: the first correct guess and the funniest (albeit ultimately wrong) guess will win T-shirt from the NeatoShop.

Please write your T-shirt selection alongside your guess. If you don't include a selection, you forfeit the prize, okay? May we suggest the Science T-Shirt, Funny T-Shirt and Artist-Designed T-Shirts?

For more clues, check out the What Is It? Blog. Good luck!

Update: The mystery item is, indeed, a boat anchor. Maybe the background image of a ship helped! From the What Is It? blog: "A killick type anchor that was used on a small river freight boat in the 1800s, rocks were placed in the center of it to weigh it down." David Kirkpatrick had the correct answer before many other people did. Sarah Reede had an intriguing funny-but-wrong answer: "It's a 17th Century tic-tac-toe placer. (Fits in the X's and the O's!) Used for sanitary purposes." Both win t-shirts from the NeatoShop!

A one-legged stool for people supervising a machine mixing explosives - it's upside down. They sit on it and balance it on the rounded single leg. If they fall asleep, they fall off and wake up.

Schroedinger's Cat: Wanted Dead And/Or Alive, Chocolate, XL
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The propeller design that Leonardo Da Vinci abandoned; he gave up and decided to invent the glider instead of the aeroplane. You should have seen the wooden V8 engine it was originally attached to.

Schroedinger's Cat: Wanted Dead And/Or Alive, Chocolate, XL
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Its a Kurdlevadge, for catching the giant Krakens that inhabit Norway's Fjords. They were baited with the entrails of christian missionaires and cast from cliffs attached to a bronze chain wended with hair of a murdered maiden. It carries a powerful curse to all who know its real pur.....arrrrrrgh
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It is an Elephant cross country heli-ski fetish used as a "Good luck with that" talisman by none other than Alexander the Great! It worked then and it should still be powerful enough to get a pachyderm across a mountain range today.

Circle of trust. large
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Vikings would drag this behind them while doing wind sprints to build up stamina. Though every once in a while one of the spokes would suddenly become impaled to the ground and stop the Viking, causing nasty rope burns.

MMM....Pi, Serene Green, Ladies L
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