Man Gets Plastic Surgery to Look Like Superman

Herbert Chavez of the Philippines loves Superman so much that he's had numerous cosmetic surgeries to make himself look like the Man of Steel (or some popular versions of him). Specifically, he's had chin implants, rhinoplasty, lip injections, and hip implants. Aquaman, for unknown and probably unknowable reasons, never gets this kind of adoration.

Video -via blastr

Who here works out?...who he tries to dress nice?

why? so we look we feel better about ourselves.

I don't actually see any harm in this guy doing this...I mean..he wants to look at Superman...sure Superman's not real but what do you want to look like..who do you wish you look like..

I think those are pretty harsh words.

Let the man do what he wants to do.
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I personally see nothing wrong with this. If he wishes to spend his money and his time in doing something that pleases him, who are we to judge?

There is a woman that has undergone many surgeries to make herself look like a cat. It came out all wrong, and she looks like a pissed-off alien, but she is happy!

I think we should all just live and let live...
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It's weird, but meh. I guess no weirder than anyone else getting plastic surgery... pointing to some celebrity's nose or mouth or eyes or whatever to their surgeon telling them they want to look like that.
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Kinda sad, but if he can afford it, it's not earth-shattering. It's not like someone who got surgery to look like Dr Who - that would require constant updating.
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