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Spot the Photoshop

Carme Chacón is the spanish minister of defense. This photo of her, probably part of a magazine spread, is a quiz at Photoshop Disasters. Out of almost 8,000 guesses, 46% of the responses say this is a perfectly normal photograph. What do you think? Link -via J-Walk Blog

Update: Mighty Optical Illusions explains this picture. Link -Thanks, algomeysa!

It's her legs, I think. She's got them crossed one way, shin-wise, and another, thigh-wise. Ouch! How do professional magazine miss stuff like this? Though I admit it took me a minute to realize what was off...
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Yeah, it's the legs. The leg in front is her left, but it wouldn't be if her legs were crossed like that. But I only "noticed" that because of a previous comment.
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If her legs are really crossed TWICE, then her feet are backwards. I think she really only had her legs crossed once in the original picture. I can't imagine why they would do that, but it's even harder to imagine they would reverse her feet.
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I'm guessing the bit of bare thigh that's causing the confusion was shopped in. Perhaps it was a longer dress before it was shopped. Two things lead me to this conclusion, the first is the strange line of shadow where her thigh meets her knee. This line of shadow is what causes her legs to appear to be crossed twice, giving her reversed feet. The more telling error is the fact that her right hand casts NO SHADOW on that same thigh. If you cover that bit of thigh with your thumb, her legs look perfectly normal.
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Its definitely the legs. I'm guessing they weren't crossed before but someone decided they should be. Or they felt the top leg wasn't skinny enough and shopped in a different one. My question is, why were they photoshopping her at all? She's the minister of defense, not a supermodel.
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#5 - On earth, this is normal.

Crossing your legs as picture, both feet should not be able to touch the floor. Her apparent left foot should be off the floor.
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It appears her left arm is covering the angle of where the top of her thigh meets her knee, and the shadow of her extended hand creates the illusion of a leg cross where there is none-- only at the ankles. Shopped or not, I still consider this a photoshop disaster, because in the film days you had trained, skilled art directors, stylists, and photographers who observed these sorts of odd details and would not have approved this image. These people have been pushed out of the industry by those who want it fast and cheap-- the "we'll fix it in post" mentality has brought down the quality of commercial photography as a whole. Garbage in, garbage out. (full disclosure: I am an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CS5 and veteran retoucher who voluntarily left the photo biz cuz I ran out of turd polish:).
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Right arm:
Her right upper arm is too short and isn't as long as the other side.

Direction of the spine:
The upper part of body seems to be facing a differnt direction than her pelvis.

It appears that there are two shots merged together to make the pose.
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Look closely. Her legs aren't crossed at all.
"What has happened, is that Carme covered her left thigh in a way where it appears it’s pointing left, instead of it actually pointing up. This photo has been featured in several world sites as a wrong retouch, but after all the false spotlight it received, the agency who took the shoot explained how the legs were actually not crossed at all! I’m not sure I managed to explain what is happening here, but be sure to check the solution I created with help of the Photoshop (below) – it’s still hard to imagine, yet it should explain the illusion."
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I voted it was a photoshop disaster before I noticed the legs. I couldn't put my finger on what was bothering me, but something just didn't look right. Then I read about the legs, and the explanation. So it wasn't photoshopped. It's still a disaster. She looks like she's sitting in a junk shop, her posture is terrible, and I hate the lighting. If her dress wasn't so short, the illusion of having her legs on backwards could have been avoided, but it would still be an awful photo.
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...didn't anyone notice that she had/has a THIRD EYE in the middle of her forehead that has been "erased"? It's so obvious.

What a joke: Posting a real photo and asking people if they can find something wrong with it.
Not funny Neatorama.
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so nobody notices the creepy and again very creepy face sitting in the back window...NOBODY at all noticed that...look in the back window above the sign and tell me now
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The "face" in the window appear to be on a poster. It's just darker than the one that's motlsy words beneath.

The left leg looks like it's her right leg because her arm is covering it awkwardly and making it look like it's crossed.

If they shopped it, they were probably adding the "crossed leg" to make her hips look less wide. If she looks like she's crossing her legs, it would be more flattering than "hey she's pretty wide there". However, they appear to have neglected the obvious, if they did shop it.
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