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Sept 11 Coloring Book: Good or Bad?

How should we teach the events of 9/11 to small children? Wayne Bell, the publisher of Really Big Coloring Books Inc. has an answer:

A "graphic coloring novel" called We Shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids' Book of Freedom. The 36-page coloring book depicts the Twin Towers smoldering, survivors mourning the tragedy's victims, and a Navy SEAL shooting Osama bin Laden, who is (inaccurately) cowering behind a woman in a Muslim hijab. (See the image below.) Bell nevertheless claims it's "a very clean, honest read that does not shy away from the facts" about 9/11.

What do you think? Is it appropriate? Should 9/11 be memorialized in crayons? Link

No! No! No! Move on! Atrocities happen all over the world - focusing on violence perpetrates violence. Work instead on raising children of peace.
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Is this so that American kids can grow up thinking they got shafted by those rotten arabs? Like the way Jews grow up thinking they are getting the shaft, and Jamaicans (Rastafarians) think they are getting the shaft, and Ethiopians (are really getting the shaft), and Women, and Natives, Blacks, Homosexuals and Domesticated Pets. It seems like they all grow up with victim complexes already.
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I seriously, seriously hope this is fake.

Just the idea of someone trying to make American children proud of their country's retaliation for any war is down right disgusting. Be proud of freedom and liberation, but never of death and murder.
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Typical liberals on here , Always willing to kill babies but not our enemies ! Muslims did it , they threaten Americans and Jews all across the world every day and yet libs say that the Muslims are misunderstood and just need a hug !
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I love how the book includes the lie that was in circulation that Bin Laden used one of his wives as a shield. what supposedly happen was that she tried to protect him and got in the way of fire.

It's just pure propaganda. You might as well have a colouring book of all the world war propaganda posters. Issue 1- colour the Hun! Issue 2- slap a sticker on a Jap! Fun for the whole family!

at least the majority will see this for what it is.
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@ryan> Your little racist rant there broke down when you implied that the Jews were just complainers.

Just saying.

@Red>> Obvious troll is obvious. Either that or your an idiot. One of the two.
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"Always willing to kill babies but not our enemies" do realize that bombing campaigns in civilian areas kill children in large quantities right? Like in every war we've participated in? Then there's land mines, depleted uranium rounds, breakdown of civil order, etc etc.

Surely the most effective form of child killing is modern warfare.
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Not sure why it would be offensive to Muslims, unless it doesn't differentiate between Muslims and terrorists.

It would be nice to have an intelligent conversation on this, rather than a series of knee-jerk reactions.

I imagine if I were being attacked in my home and one of my many wives was in front protecting me, I would have pretty much the same pose and look on my face. The picture is more of a testament to the courage, determination, and loyalty of one Muslim woman, defending her man despite the demeaning treatment she endured at his hands.

There, how's that?
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Having kids coloring a bullet heading for someone's head, what kind of sick idiot thought this up? Yes it's pure propaganda and it's disgusting. Sometimes I hate living on this planet.
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It's up to each parent how they want to broach this topic with their child, because how each family was effected is going to differ greatly.

That said. This is NOT a subject for a coloring book. Coloring books, are supposed to help with motor functions, and be a bright happy learning experience. To take away a childs Cars, or Tangled Coloring book, and to replace it with scenes of grief, violence, and politics, and present it as a fun, creative and artistic activity, falls into the land of desensitizing and brainwashing, and taking away some of the safety/security you are supposed to feel as a child, so you can grow up and be a well adjusted adult.

I'm sure this guy developed this book as a sensationalistic piece, to make money, and stir controversy, but for the parents who think it is a GOOD idea, you trouble me.
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This level of violence is not subject material for children. Their minds cannot properly process this kind of violence, and nor should they. There is plenty amount of time for them to understand what really happened. You are only an innocent kid once.
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