Awkward Elevator Moments

I hate it when this happens, Premature Button Push: (n) The act of passing up a crowded elevator car, only to push the button again too soon, revealing the same car of people.

See more awkward elevator moments, courtesy of Awkward Universe and The Campus Socialite: Link - Thanks Daniel!

The elevator behaviour that annoys me most: When you're exiting the elevator, and the person going in as you're going out is too enthusiastic in rushing in and bangs into you.
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What about "premature evacuation"? You know, when you automatically exit opening elevator doors and realize it's not your floor yet?
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People who exhibit this behavior deserve every bit of embarrassment available. Simple solution: wait until the light on the button (or indication arrow on some elevators) goes dark before pushing it again! It amazes me how unobservant most people are in situations like this; to save yourself embarrassment and the rest of time from your stupidity, take two seconds and look around you!
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My current job is in an 11-story building. I've never worked in a building higher than two stories before, and in the past I just took the stairs. So I've never worked before in a building where 1) so many people took the elevators, and 2) so few of them seem to understand that etiquette suggests that you let people get OFF the elevator before you try to get ON.
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