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Futuristic Movie Timeline

Dan Meth has put together a series of pop culture charts. Number 6 explores which year in the future science fiction films take place. I had no idea A Clockwork Orange took place in 1995. I remember that year being a lot more low key.

Link via Geeks Are Sexy

I’m surprised A Boy and His Dog isn’t listed. I also think that all of Margaret Atwood’s novels should be made into movies.
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I hate to nerdnitpick, but STAR TREK's date of 2387 is wrong. The main events of the J.J. Abrams one take place in 2258, almost 130 years earlier.
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You know what's retarded? A million "notes" saying: "so-and-so liked this" or "so-and-so reblogged this".

Retarded. So retarded I had to comment on it to get it out of my system.

The internet is great and all, but the amount of data out there that is just totally and utterly useless and meaningless is beyond comprehension.
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most dune dates don't correlate to christian mythos they are set based on the creation of the spacing guild (before guild and after guild) which is a primary element of society in the dune universe

for instance in the dune time line world war two is listed as 14255 B.G.

the events of the first dune book take place in 10191-10191 A.G.

which is about 24400 in the future

planet of the apes takes place in the year 3978 btw, which is a full 20042 years sooner than dune. meaning that dune takes place over 12 times farther in the future.
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To P.R.J.: I predict will we will continue to use the Gregorian calendar, and the names of some Nordic Gods for several days of the week.
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Ah, yes. 1995. I fondly recall my days of drinking melocet and forcing myself on rich old paditskas in the dead of night. A bit of the old ultra-violence and Ludwig van was all I needed to keep me going. I used to love skipping school and blaming it on a pain in me gulliver. But I'm cured now.
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