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World’s Population in One City

What if the entire world’s population lived in one giant mega city? That’s probably a really bad idea, but it’s an interesting thought to give us an idea of just how many people are out there. These illustrations show how big this city of the world would be based on the population density of different real cities. If everyone in the world lived in one giant city with the population density of New York, everyone could fit in a land mass the size of Texas.


Imagine the crime rate... Imagine all the prejudice, war, and political strife in the world and direct it into one state. Kinda scary.
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Not all cultures mind being packed close together. Most have very small "personal spaces" (the distance that a person can stand near you before you feel uncomfortable.)

We Americans have the largest personal space. We like lots of elbow room.
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New Yorkers get along pretty well, despite all the religious, cultural, and racial differences. I think being crammed so close together and forced to deal with each other makes people LESS prone to hatred and strife. It also forces them to create a common culture that tends to override their individual differences.
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If all the people on the world lived in one, Manhattan-tight packed city of the size of Texas, what would we be eating? Would we be seven billion vegetarians with occasional seafood and roach snacks (or the meat eaters would grow their own guineapigs home)?
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We'd probably eat lots of meat, since like 98% of the land in the world would be uninhabited and thus available for raising cattle, chickens, buffalo, pigs, etc.
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O rly. Or are you just making this up you know 3 cultures, the communists, the nazis and the Americans, and you don't have a clue about each of them? XD
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I was in New York this summer. In Manhattan at least, we met the friendliest people I think we've ever met in the USA.
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