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Shotgun with a Chainsaw Handle

(Video Link)

Mossberg, an American armsmaker, has produced a pistol-grip shotgun that is supported with the type of grip that you'd commonly find on a chainsaw or weed eater. Here's a video of YouTube user bigdaddyhoffman1911 trying it out in a short-range zombie attack scenario. I'm not a fan of shotguns against zombies. Really, if you've let the undead get within shotgunning range, you've screwed up in a big way. -via Everyday, No Days Off

Silly old man, shotguns are terrible implements for dispatching zombies.

Too few rounds, too long to reload, aiming at their head from any distance wouldn't guarantee a kill...not to mention the chainsaw handle would only be useful if you're hip firing, not trying to sight by eye like this guy was.

The trick for zombies is decent stopping power, high capacity, broad availability. 9mm, while not the best for traditional defense and would likely not do much to slow a zombie down, would be plenty to disable the brain while offering much higher capacity magazines and you'd be able to find it just about anywhere ammo is/was sold.

My personal preference would be .40 cal, but hey, I anticipate the need to use it again less desirable living (who might try to take what isn't theirs) as well as the undead.

And remember boys and girls, always use hollow tips. Mushrooming doubles the kinetic energy transfer to the target.
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@ted: Technically speaking, licensing of any sort is a Constitutional violation.

It is amazing to me how few law makers seem to have actually read the Constitution or the 2nd Amendment.
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"Really, if you’ve led the undead get within shotgunning range, you’ve screwed up in a big way. -via "

Umm are you serious dude??? You do realize that they have shotgun shells called a slug and you can shoot just as far as most rifles with one right? I think the concept of the gun is a lil wack but a shotgun is an awsome (if not perfect) gun against zombies... And besides that you do realize how un-reliable guns are right? I would hope you had a decent back up plan for if the zombies got close, in real life you can run out of ammo, there is no radar screen fixed into your vision, and it actually takes a second to properly load a gun.
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I mean I kinda think he was just trying to be funny with the whole zombie thing cuz really.... but anyways I think this debate would lead to the "what kind of zombies are we facing?" question
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