What Does Your Fridge Say About You?

Photographer Mark Menjivar traveled the states for 3 years for his "You Are What You Eat" project, meeting people and documenting their lives from a surprisingly interesting viewpoint -their refrigerators. Could you tell the picture above belonged to a bartender who goes to sleep at 8 AM and wakes up a 4 PM every day? The series is fascinating in what it says about the people involved and what it makes you think about your own fridge.

Link Via Laughing Squid

CS99 i was about to ask the same question. If it's a real snake that you plane on eating wouldn't you want to wrap it in butcher paper. Is it a toy for a a joke? So many questions.
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My fridge says that I have enough money to buy a good one. The content says that I probably look good. Which is true. And that I like my beer at room temperature.
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You , Vonskippy, and Ryan S should get together and make the "I hate everything" blog. Each of you could submit your own posts, then you can have a free for all commenting on how much each others posts suck.
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@Rumson I'm not sure if Ryan really hates everything because, tl;dr.

One way or another, are you actually defending the fact that half of the postings here are dupes and that not even Alex reads what's being posted?
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Goddamnit, I came back here because Consumerist started sucking so much it became unbearable. I'm running out of websites my office hasn't blocked that isn't a mess of bad editting >:[
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@ Sadtomato: sorry that it's a dupe, but after two years, I think it is still new to a lot of people. Hence the comments from people actually discussing the post.

@ duh: Almost every writer here reads the site every day. We also read a minimum of five other sites or else we'd have no content to post. That makes it really hard to keep track of what's been posted where....especially after two whole years.

Seriously, if you think the site's so pathetic, stop reading it. We have a lot of readers who like the site and we certainly don't need a bunch of whinny know-it-alls like you trying to bring down the site for both the writers and the other readers.
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Everything on this site is a dupe? That's news to me. Two years ago is a long time. You guys have phenomenal memories, it must take you a tremendous effort to keep from being bored.
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I do read the blog and I know that when that happens, they are taken down.

As I said, we all read tons of blogs to find content so we forget where we saw what article was posted.

Again, if you have such a problem with the blog -as you obviously do, given that ALL of your comments are negative, go somewhere else. No one here will miss you and I can't imagine why you would bother to read a blog that you hate every single day unless you're just trying to torture yourself. So make everyone happy and go away.
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Also, good job at speaking for "everyone". Obviously not even you value your own opinion enough to hold it accountable for a proper statement.

You are constantly posting dupes. Your readers have a right to complain about this. Unless you want to make a blog half full of dupes that tells everyone who complains about this to get lost, of course.

So is your plan to be a good blog or a crappy one? How about you get lost and stop embarassing the blog landscape of the net?
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