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Study Compares the Intelligence of Users of Different Web Browsers

A psychometric consulting firm named AptiQuant asked 100,000 people to take an online IQ test, and then correlated scores with the web browsers used to take them. The blue bars represent test results from 2006 and the red bars test results from 2011. The vertical axis represents IQ points. Link -via Geekologie

UPDATE: The story was a hoax. Thanks to commenter che.

Studies also show that people are more likely to use IE at work, where they have no browser choice. There is speculation that people at work do worse on online IQ tests as well, since they are SUPPOSED to be working.
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Another important thing to consider: IQ Test results are not a good measure of intelligence, especially the kind often given online. The only thing IQ Tests (especially online ones) test is your ability to take IQ tests.
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Sit back and watch IE users rationalise: The test was too hard. My pencil broke. I wasn't ready yet. It is biased. Not measuring real IQ. The sun got in my eye. I was meant to be working. The study was too small. My boss made me use it. I wasn't really trying. My hands were slippery. My mother said I'm clever. The score is low because so many use it. A movement distracted me. High intelligence doesn't mean you're smart. That was just for practice...

Opera (and SeaMonkey!)
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Apart from what has been said already:

First: I am skeptical about the methodology. I'm not sure this "study" would hold up to proper scientific scrutiny.

Second: The consensus in geek circles is that IE is pretty much the worst browser to choose from. In that respect it is no surprise that IE scores badly. (Yes, I am assuming the average IQ in "geek circles" is above average.)

PS: The results might be skewed because a lot of senior citizens (or others) are probably using IE because they don't have enough experience with computers or matters related to IT or just don't care. That does not mean they are more stupid.
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You "geeks" are becoming incredible snobs. The average web surfer goes online, looks at some sites, and maybe leaves a comment. IE is fine for that. To equate the browser someone uses with their inteligence is, quite frankly, stupid and judgemental. Get over yourselves.
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Yes, that did sound snobbish. To be honest I don't really thing geeks are smarter. (How do you define geek anyway.) I was just trying to look for an explanation really. And I don't consider myself a geek either, unless not using IE counts.
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It's a load of crap. Some people use more than one type of browser, for one thing.
I regularly use two. Sometimes it depends on the site I'm visiting.
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