Soccer Ball That Is Also A Portable Generator

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Many children around the world don't have electricity but they do play soccer. The soccket is a soccer ball that captures energy with every kick. Fifteen minutes of play produces three hours of light.

The sOccket harnesses the kinetic (motion) energy of the soccer ball during normal game play and stores it for later power needs. After play, an LED lamp can be plugged into the sOccket to provide light for reading and other activities normally impossible after dark.

It's a clean, portable generator that can provide light to families in need around the world. Four Harvard students created this project for the American Express-sponsored Take Part program. - Via John Gushue ... Dot Dot Dot

What an incredible idea. These balls can make such a big difference in the developing world, and set an example of what creative thinking can lead us to. Lets hope that this idea inspires others to take alternative energy production to the next levels.
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Unless it's got a (horribly expensive) piezoelectric film on the inside of the leather, I presume it's got a magnet in a coil of wire in there. What would that do to the performance/characteristics of the ball?
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Of course there's always the already-widespread and very inexpensive 'shake torch' - shake for a minute and it gives you 10 minutes of light. Advantage: if the power runs down in the middle of the night you don't have to boot it around the house in the dark until it's recharged.
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If the human expends energy to kick the ball around, wouldn't it be more efficient for the human simply to crank a generator?

Sometimes the less glamorous ideas are the ones that work.
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