Politically Incorrect Snack Packaging

This snack ain't politically correct, but it's rather clever. Or should we say racist?

Here's Black Melon Bread from Japan, featuring the character Afro Tanaka from the anime series by Masaharu Noritsuke. Via One Inch Punch.

Wow, are you really that over-politically sensitive?
I don't see how it is offensive. There is a guy, with an afro but his hair is actually the product... I'm not catching on.
Is it offensive to show an afro? Is it offensive because the guy isn't black? Is it offensive because his hair is bread?
Seriously, people need to think before they throw out these knee-jerk racism accusations.
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Implying that only black people can grow an afro? It's just some white dude with an afro, there's nothing bad about it.

That package is awesome and 0% politically incorrect.
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*sigh* People misuse the word "racist" all the time. A thing, or statement, is only racist if it is implying that a race is inferior because of X. Even the statement "All [members of race] do X," isn't inherently racist, but it can be furthering stereotypes.

Or, to put it more simply, to say someone is stupid/ugly/evil/bad/etc. because they belong to a race is a racist statement. So is saying that someone CAN'T be SUEB/etc. BECAUSE they are of a certain race.
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I have a number of Thai friends who sport the afro hairstyle, and I know it is popular in Japan and Korea as well. Assuming that all depictions of the afro hairstyle are meant to be ridiculing Africans is your mistake, not the advertiser's.
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Its not even "politically incorrect". Why is it racist or "insensitive" to acknowledge blacks have a certain hair type? Further, why can't that be used for something humorous?

Its amazing how some Caucasian people rush so quickly to make sure they don't appear "intolerant". Its this kind of spineless attitude that allows human garbage like Sharpton and Jackson to keep preaching a culture of victimhood to their own people. Knock it off.
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I think it's insulting to fruit. It's downright fruitist suggesting melons are hairy. If it was a gooseberry, Kiwi fruit or even a peach it could be considered fair comment, but come on, melons with black hair?, that's outrageous. The EU commission on fruit rights will hear about this, and as for the squash lobby, damn.....it doesn't bear thinking about what they'll say!
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