Is This Really the First-Ever Animated Tattoo?

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Is this real or just clever advertising? Ballantine's, a brand of blended scotch whiskies, has a "leave an impression" tagline, which is just what Marco did by getting a QR code tattoo. On the heels of hoax by the woman who claimed she got tattoos of all of her Facebook friends' profile pics, many people are doubting the authenticity of this one. What do you think?

Link via the Des Moines Egotist

Really?, no swelling, no blood, all over in 50 minutes? And then what, a tattoo you need to show people while you are lying down with a phone covering half of it? I'm with Rooboy, Lame.
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Yep, it actually works... I hope you can check the video in the QR
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I wouldn't be surprised that this is real. But if I engage my conspiracy gears I can find ways to knock it.

First, the video is incredibly slick as pointed out by Jill. There are a variety of artistic video/audio editing techniques that seem to require a high-level editing ability. However, to be fair, I could probably reproduce the video/audio edits inside of a holiday weekend with the limited experience I have using such software.

Second, the timer in the video does not accord with the cuts in the video. The timer does not appear until 0:23 at which point it starts with the value 00:02:01:06. The timer then continues to steadily increment until 0:37. There are many cuts during this segment but the timer continues to steadily increment without any leaps forward. The timer then switches to 00:10:31:07 and begins steadily incrementing. There are a bunch of rapid cuts that probably amount to a few hours but the timer only adds a few minutes. Then it switches from 00:10:58:12 to 01:15:36:02 and begins incrementing steadily. Clearly the timer was not a part of the recording. It must have been added during post-production.

Still, it could be real and all the post-production handiwork could be added for dramatic effect. It doesn't matter to me, I think all bodily augmentation for vanity is silly.
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I don't see how this can't be not real. (yay triple negation!)

Even though the video is heavily edited, it's highly probable. Doing a tattoo? Easy. Making a tattoo design with a QR code? Easy. Triggering a Youtube video using the QR code? Also easy.

Therefore, highly probable.
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its just a qr code tattooed onto someone that links to a youtube video of the drawing animated. The tattoo is not animated but it is not fake. Sorry, neat, please be a little more thorough with your posts.
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Guys, this is as simple as this: download the code reader app (scanlife for EZ codes), pick a moment in the video when the code is clear and pause it on full screen. The video gets triggered. It's not a fake.
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Not the first QR code tattoo. Clever that it links to an animation involving that tattoo. I just hope that the QR code isn't linked directly to YouTube since you never know if and when they are going to change their URLs.
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