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29 Ways to Keep Your Creativity Flowing


Even if you're a creative type, sometimes you just get stuck. This quick little two-minute video by To-Fu Motion Graphics gives you 29 ways to get unstuck. I love the very first one - I'm a diehard listmaker. I bet #8 applies to a lot of us too. Is there anything you'd add to the list? What gets you going when your inspiration is lacking?

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Check your attitude every once in awhile.

If you find you're sounding like a grumpy old codger who thinks everything is crap,

find a way to snap yourself out of it.

Fight the grumpies any way you can.

Snort Absinthe,
tickle polar bears,
name pigeon turds,
say, "Thank You" -A LOT,
force yourself to name even 1 [one] good thing every day,
etc. ...
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I like to create tips (lists, short videos, cartoons, self help books, podcasts, motivational speeches, one-on-one training, etc) about how to be creative.

There's something about getting suckers to pay for the obvious that gets my own creativity going (or at least pays the bills for that summer cabin).
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But why did it have to be a video? Are we unable to comprehend words if they aren't accompanied by stupid moving geometrical shapes?

Also, "SAFFTY". The creator didn't bother proof-reading his/her video. But I guess that makes him/her super creative...
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is it just me or was the music for that video wildly inappropriate? why was it so serious? i thought we were having fun and being creative here. laaaaaaame.
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drink coffee? I do that every day, how is that creative? that's like saying any drug makes you creative and we all know where they leads...(im lookin at you, jam bands)
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I feel bad for my negativity, but was this video really worth the effort? A list of 'common sense' routines? And coffee? Maybe you should try a decaf-detox, maybe your brain wouldn't be so hyper as to waste so much time on imperfections.

Applaud the attempt, for what its worth.
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I am creative, but I don't like that after doing something creative the rest feels unproductive and boring. As long as I'm content to do nothing, I'm content to do nothing, but if I do something that rewards me with praise I'm apt to become addicted to it.

I've been wanting to create an independent and animated tour tunneling through the depths of the human psyche, but being that nobody actually wants such a thing, hence no thing like it currently exists, I don't actually have much incentive to do it, and I feel pretty content myself, I mean, after-all, I already get it.
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the original list that inspired this motion graphic, was created by my roommate and can be found here:

please give credit where it is due!
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