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Facebook Friend Sleeve Tattoo

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Sigh. Why are people so weird? This woman got a massive tattoo of 152 of her nearest and dearest Facebook BFFs' faces tattooed on her arm. As in, permanently etched onto her body. I hope none of these people are fair-weather friends; how does one unfollow a face inked into their skin?


Wow.... just no.
Wonder what she thinks when one of those friends changes their photo.
It's an interesting idea, and she can certainly do whatever she wants with her own body, but.... no.
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Remember five years ago when MySpace was the hottest thing going? Anyone considering a tattoo should think about how obsolete anything can be in a few years -and the tat stays.

One day, her kids will ask her to explain Facebook and why she thought it was worth tattooing.
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Tattoos are ok, in the right context: art, placement, etc This is just bad. Forget about how many thousand of dollars this must have cost, what will she do in 10 years, when Facebook is an irrelevant byword? In 20 years when the ink fades to a series of dull green non-distinguishable blobs, perhaps the regrets will be in full force. I doubt she'll get them refreshed as they fade, refreshing costs almost as much as the original work. Of course, tattoo removal is an option, but there will still be a large area of scarring.
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Well, I guess it'll be kind of funny for a while. Whenever she unfriends someone, she can just take a marker and put a big X over their picture on her arm.
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All those people spittin their critiques are too involved into what a social net is supposed to be, but they don't know anything about art nor tattoos.
"What will happen after Facebook fades away or the users change their profile photos? What will happen if she wants to 'unfollow'?" Nothing at all!
Come on, the art on her arm is not about Facebook or updated avatars, it's about something special and beautiful for her, and it's a work of art by itself, no matter Facebook or those people inked on the tattoo sleve go away or stay. It's not pathetic at all. It's art, it's her arm, it's her will and she likes it, period. If you are not intelligent enough to understand the difference, then I guess the wrong ones are you.
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To my mind it's only slightly more narcisistic than wearing your favourite sports jersey.

The Handbook of Self and Identity << Good Book
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Dank gets it.

I am thinking about if I had 152 faces tattooed on my arm, how I would be bound then, to 152 stories. Well, 153 if you count the tattoo itself.

I have four words on my arm that represents a relationship that is always growing in understanding... those are just lone font. I cannot imagine carrying around 152 faces.

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