Campfire Made of Bratwurst

El Spottos made this sculpture of fried sausage, mustard, and ketchup for an international bratwurst festival in Nuremberg. Although Google Translate is garbling the text a bit, it appears to be his entry into a competition. El Spottos encourages festival attendees:

[...] to vote and prove to the world so what has long been clear to me: that I am the legitimate heir to the throne sausage! Probably I wear somewhere on my body, a previously undiscovered birthmark in the form of a sausage that my identity confirmed.

Link (Google Translate) via Nerdcore

I'm afraid, thats completly wrong. Its not the bratwurstfestival in Nuremburg, its for celebrating the bratwurstday in my blog... please read your sources ;)
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It's not completly wrong (or even completely wrong), it's just partly wrong. And hey, since your blog is only in German and they even point out "Google Translate is garbling the text a bit"... cut Neatorama some slack! Wir machen doch alle mal Fehle, wohl?
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Sandy: Sure, but the googletranslated Blog isn't mine and there's nothing written about Nuremberg :)
I'm not angry or anything, its just a mistake, that needs to be corrected. ;)
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First of all: Wow! Me on Neatorama! I feel honored to the max.

As Marco already clarified, my "sculpture" (Really? To me it's just a pile of sausages...) has nothing to do with any festival, and the city of Nuremberg only comes in as the origin of that special kind of bratwurst.

This picture is indeed an entry to a competition held by Marco on his blog Minds Delight, commemorating the 2nd International Day of the Bratwurst, a holiday he himself introduced. So, really, a significant junk of the credit should go to him... not all of it, though! ;)
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