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Light Switch Time Capsule

When I moved into my new apartment all I got were a bunch of child proof locks on all the cabinets that I had to disassemble. Why not leave a little time capsule for future tenants of your dwelling to discover? Here you can download a template to print out and affix to the inside of light switches in your home. Presumably the next time they replace the light switch they will discover your note. Do you think someone would discover these hidden notes or would a future electrician simply toss it aside without noticing?


When I moved into my house, I found an oddly deep cabinet at the top of the basement stairs. I stuck my head and a flashlight in to see how far back it went. Affixed to the inside was an old-fashioned label-maker tape (the kind with raised letters). What did it say? "Fuck you." True story. Still there.
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I put a "time capsule" of pictures of the original kitchen and family names and pictures into the wall (behind the drywall) when we remodeled the too-worn and too-small original kitchen of our 1926 home about 10 yrs ago. We found a collection of children's toys from the 40's--marbles, paper dolls, a rubberized airplace--along with a metal tin for Trojan condoms in a wall we demolished for said remodel.

Oh, and we once left "gifts" for a really nasty landlord written in sharpie on the backs of switch plates, bottom side of the toilet lid, written inside the phone book (now I'm dating myself,) the back of the crawl space hatch, etc. Those simply said "[name of landlord] sucks cock."
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When I was building houses, we would often leave news pages in walls for future remodelers and deconstructors to find. Also wrote jobsite trivia like 'Scott's having a bad day' on the backside of drywall.
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I wrote a blessing on the underside of the bottom closet shelf of my last apartment before getting married.
Light switch message is a cool idea.
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I love the idea, but doesn't seem like a good idea to put paper inside an electrical box. I could see inventing something similar to this...
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Steve: the stolen cash is 3 feet under the cement basement floor, 4 feet west and 8 feet north of tile. The 44 mag and the remains of that snitch Becky are right next to it. I already cashed in the jewels, so don't bother looking.
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I agree with Fire. They sell insulating foam for behind switch plates, which I presume is fire-safe. If I were to do this, I would put the paper against the switchplate, then a layer of insulating foam facing the wiring.
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i'd love to find stuff like that. all i've found was a big swastika spray painted on the concrete floor when we tore up the carpet. that was no fun.

i did my part though. when i was a kid and we were moving, i went into the back of my closet and wrote/carved "help me" several times on the wall.
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Ahahaha! I wanna be Vonskippy's neighbor right after he finally sells his house. Then I'll YouTube the fun when the new tenants find that note.
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I'd probably notice. We recently took out the broken timer dial wired to our attic fan and it had the date (1969) written on the back of the plate. It's kind of nice to know installation dates at the very least.
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