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Titanic II

The greatest, fastest most sophisticated ship created of al time… The Titanic II. What could go wrong? This faux sequel to the James Cameron smash hit was created by The Asylum, a movie production company infamous for making “mockbusters” – movies that blatantly rip off big budget Hollywood hits. Their marketing strategy seems to be hoping to confuse people into watching the wrong movie. However with lines like “Looks like history is repeating itself.” You’ll want to watch it for its epic cheese.  Watch full trailer for the actual film at the link.


I noticed this movie a few months back, the cover is what really got me. sad he is going to sink.
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the asylum movies are pretty goofy. however, their sherlock holmes was actually kinda fun. although, i thought there casting for holmes was way too young.. or at least, he looked too young for a credible holmes.
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Yeah, I saw this on NetFlix and watched it out of boredom.

There's honestly not one good thing I can say about the movie. It's not even one of those movies that's so bad it's funny, it was just bad. Bad plot, screenwriting, acting, bad cgi, HORRIBLE continuity. There wasn't anything that could keep interest, there was no class, no respect for the story, no romance, not even any cheesy nudity!
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I've had this on my Netflix Queue for about a week now (I think)...and because of you, danny k, I'm going to put it on while I fall asleep. If it is as bad as you say it is, then maybe I'll dream of something so boring it will let me sleep in. Or the opposite will happen and I'll think of a better way of making the movie and wake up before I can finish it. Either way, it should be entertaining to see the result of such an experiment.
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Hey did anyone notice that the .. smoke .....stack looks like.....

Ok, nevermind. Hey look over there!

When it said faux I thought you meant that the there was no fillum. Good to see there is no matter how bad.
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