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Museum-Goer Accidentally Waded Into Carpet of Peanut Butter Art Exhibit

A hapless Dutch museum-goer got himself into a sticky situation when he unwittingly waded into a modern art installation: a carpet of creamy peanut butter by artist Wim T. Schippers!

The hapless visitor somehow failed to spot the 14m expanse of edible goo at the Boijmans van Beuningen museum in Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands, Algemeen Dagblad reported overnight.

Bemused tourists watched as the man sank into the 1100 litres of peanut butter - enough to fill more than 2000 regular-sized jars. He has been asked to pay for the damage after leaving a trail of footprints.

"It is normal that people pay if they damage the art," spokeswoman Sharon Cohen told the Rotterdam-based newspaper.

I hope he only has to pay in a couple of jars of peanut butter! (Photo: Patrick Wenmakers over at - via Arbroath

Smearing peanut butter on the floor isn't "art" - it's a mess in need of a clean up. And what "damage" was caused that couldn't be cleared up with a butter knife or piece of stiff cardboard? It'd be funny if it weren't so stupid - aww, it's funny AND stupid. ;-)
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Wim T. Schippers is a well-known funnyman who has done many crazy things in the great Dada/Fluxus tradition. For instance, 'Going to the Dogs' was the title of his theatre play for six dogs -another hilarious classic. Things are always going awry in his shows - they should, in fact. And as a sideline, he does Ernie's voice in the Dutch Sesame Street show. (which he does well)
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Yeah, because you just normally expect to find a 14 meter expanse of peanut butter in a public area.

I can't wait until the insects find it...
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I would like to add something. If a display pisses more then 1/2 the people off that look at it, you might as well call it art. Art is meant to bring forth emotion, and congratulations, you just proved it works!
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Wow! and a whole bunch of other comments!

I've never seen that happen before. Or maybe I have and I am going senile.

It was kind of magical in a quantum multiverse way.
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According Gauldar, if it pisses off more than 1/2 the people who look at it, YES! If you only get 45%, try taking a dump on the floor. That should piss off more than 50% of the people who see it. ART!
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It's not hard to find more "ridiculous art":

Listening to art critics it seems to me that art is not what most people think it is.
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Oh and I went to the original article and apparently it was even the third time somebody accidentally stepped into it!

If this is not a piece that's meant as a prank I think it is extremely stupid. Art critics or no. I would bring a toddler and let him go haywire! :D
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And I'm amazed the museum has the audacity to ask the hapless victim of this piece of art to pay for "repairs". The museumgoer should send a bill for new shoes!
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Take a number, I think a few artists have already done that.


No, but it is a lawsuit.

@Splint Chesthair

Years ago there was an "artist" who was known for vomiting on paintings at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. As long as you thought of it first, it seems to be valid.
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When feces, vomit, urine or dirt is considered art, you know there's something wrong with the art world, or rather, with society in general. What peasant would consider such horror art? Right, those who project their mediocrities onto it. Those who consider this art, have no concept or art.
I blame Warhol, the antithesis of an artist, the destroyer of art.
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