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Dead Space 2 Plasma Cutter with Real Lasers

One of the best shooter-style video games I have played in a long time is Dead Space 2. The game was lots of fun, and it has one of the more interesting weapons to be in a video game called the plasma cutter. If you purchased the collector's edition of Dead Space 2, you would have received a little plastic replica of that plasma cutter to play with. One gamer took that plastic toy and grafted blue laser pointers onto it that are powerful enough to light matches and pop balloons. link

Oh dear, not another of these fraudulent kipkay videos. The two laser diodes shown in this video will not proiduce anything like their rated power output when powered from two AAA cells, because the current supply capability of said cells is far too low to provide the regulator board with enough current to properly power the diodes so they'll perform at anything like their rated output.
You need a couple of hundred milliwatts to power a single diode laser so that it'll light a match or burst a balloon. The typical current rating of even an alkaline AAA battery is 10mA for continuous discharge. 3 volts (1.5 + 1.5) at 10mA gives 30mW at 100% efficiency, and there are no boost converters that achieve 100% efficiency.

Those diodes might well be able to light matches and burst balloons, but they won't be able to do it when powered by two AAA batteries.
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Nothing like frying someone's retinas (maybe even your own) just so you can dork around with lasers. Better yet, put them in a toy, so that you can explain to little kids why being blind was oh so worth it.
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@Desire: You really need to learn how specs work. A AAA battery will put out around .5 Amp for a short time. Grab an Ammeter sometime and go measure it. See for example.
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