Star Trek Fan Film from 1971

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Spock has a mustache and sideburns. This wonderfully bad fan film was made by Ray (who I gather is an expert on Betamax recordings) in 1971 for a TV production class at Ohio State University. He used a 1-inch open reel video tape and earned an A- for the project.

My vote goes to losing the mustache but keeping the sideburns. Sideburns are rarely a bad fashion choice.

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An A- for that?? Elementary school kids can do better. Anyone remember "Hardware Wars"? Now that was a college film project worthy of an A grade.
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Elementary school kids today, but remember, this is years before people had the ability to shoot and edit short films at their finger tips. Not to mention adding music, voice-over narration, sound effects... By today's standards it's terrible but for 1971 - it's fantastic.

Hardware Wars was nearly ten years later, after the early days of rebel filmmaking had begun. The opportunities and technology was already becoming more readily available as compared to 1971.

Yes, it was crude, badly acted and the audio was off, but I defy anyone to use whatever equipment they had to use and put something together with much more success.

I wonder where those guys are now?
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