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University of Alaska Students Keep Flushing Socks Down Toilet

I don’t know about you, but when I was in college we had way more fun things to do than flushing out socks down the toilet. Apparently though, the students at the University of Alaska apparently are so bored this is their only alternative.

Hundreds of socks have been flushed at the UAF Fine Arts Complex since December, creating havoc on the building’s sewer system. Maintenance Superintendent Bill Cox figures the stray socks have caused at least $15,000 in equipment damage and labor costs.

One of my friends at Uni told me that sometimes, when money is scarce, he has no choice but to use his own sock as an alternative to loo roll. I'm guessing the University of Alaska can't afford the bog roll...
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They are being flushed in the Fine Arts building and they are all children's socks, so the masturbation angle is a pretty sick one if true.
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"Maintenance workers posted signs in bathrooms last week asking people not to flush socks. It didn’t slow things down — about 40 more socks showed up in the next few days."

Lol, maybe the maintenance workers should have put up a sign asking people to not flush dollar bills!
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I actually go to UAF and they think it might be a disgruntled former employee/maintenance worker. The building is open for anyone to go into.
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I'm an art student at UK, and if we did this we would just be without toilets for the rest of our time. Maybe it's revenge for not updating facilities?
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I go to UAF, and this really pisses me off. As if the cost of tuition, fees, books, etc wasn't high enough. What a waste of the students and taxpayers money.
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