Kittens and Salsa

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The world's simplest ad campaign -show your product with cute kittens. It just might work! -via Arbroath

There is a commercial airing now which advertises some product then shows a man blowing a bubble and encapsulating a kitten in the bubble. The man says something like "We can put kittens in bubbles" and this has nothing at all to do with the product. Same strategy of transference.
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totally agreeing with Matt...selling a food product definitely requires a cleaner looking set and, much as i like kittens, i don't want to think about kitten hair in my salsa.
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It's a cute concept (because who doesn't love cavorting baby animals?), but yeah... that set was pretty nasty-looking to be hawking a food product. And honestly, when I'm thinking of salsa, Brooklyn is not the first place that comes to mind.
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@WordyGrrl: Only if it's salsa made from chopped-up hipsters.

But then, if I want to taste PBR and bitterness, I'll just go to a liquor store and grab a lime or two at the checkout.

I guess I can get a pack of American Spirit smokes to throw in there, too while I'm at it.

But yes, that set was uncool for a food shoot.

...Maybe they were Hipster Kittens in their dirty hipster apartment?
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SUCH good salsa and SUCH cute kittens! They filmed this at an animal shelter, not in a kitchen. And you may not think of Brooklyn for salsa, but they don't make your ordinary salsa...
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