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Back of Cat vs. Front of Cat

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A cat momentarily gets into a fight with himself. It may be a case of temporary loss of body awareness, or what some of us call a brain fart. -via Cynical-C

He's just imitating humanity. The human being is like a cat who is unaware that it's hind-quarters belong to it and instead sets about attacking themselves.

The shadow, which is in conflict with the acknowledged values, cannot be accepted as a negative part of one's own psyche and is therefore projected--that is, it is transferred to the outside world and experienced as an outside object. It is combated, punished, and exterminated as 'the alien out there' instead of being dealt with as one's own inner problem
—Erich Neumann (psychologist), Depth Psychology and a New Ethic
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There's a very real condition in the human world called "Alien Hand Syndrome" where the patient is essentially at war with their own hand, which appears to have a mind of its own.

Perhaps this cat has Alien Paw Syndrome?
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@2 are you serious? How is that not funny? Your life must be extremely boring if you can't laugh at that. Maybe focus all that pent up frustration and concern at something that actually matters???
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Looks like hyperesthesia:

"Cats may exhibit strange behaviors in response to touching such as tail chasing, biting at the tail, flank and sides, to the point of self-directed aggression. They run, jump, hallucinate, vocalize, and even turn around and hiss."

I had a cat with mild hyperesthesia and she was hilarious - but this poor guy looks like he may border on self-mutilation.
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Ok cat lover's I get not wanting to make fun of a kitty you think may be sick but really I think it's just one of those weird moments when your body betrays you. Haven't you ever gone to scratch your nose or push a piece of hair out of your face an popped yourself? You look at your own hand thinking "What the hell?"
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Not funny. I had a cat who attacked his own tail.
In the end we had to get most of the tail amputated because he would attack it so severely. This cat may need a vet, not people laughing at at.
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