Robin Words

Here's something that might keep you busy for a while. Robin Words pits your language skills against a computer.
Change one letter in the four-letter word the computer gives you. The computer will then change one letter in the word you used and so on. You may not use proper nouns or reuse words that have already been used. The first person to use up all possible words wins!

Some people brag of beating the computer fairly quickly, but it depends on the word you're dealt. Others complain that the computer arbitrarily rules your words ineligible. How are you doing? Link -via mental_floss

@Kyle funny enough, I also beat it with "myth." The starting word was "nett." I can see it in a Wednesday Wordplay now... "By changing one letter in each step to form English words, and leaving all other letters in their original positions, change NETT into MYTH in the fewest possible steps. Here is one 214-step solution."
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Sorry, you lost.
There are no more possible words you can use.
389 words were used in your game.

O_o I wasn't trying to win so much as trying to see how far it would go. I'm addicted....
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