Boy Without Hands Wins Penmanship Award

Nicholas Maxim was born without hands or forearms, but the fifth grader can write -and well, too. Nicholas has won a special award in Zaner-Bloser's 20th annual National Handwriting Contest.
"We submitted his entry because we felt his penmanship was amazing considering he completes most of his work without using his prostheses," said Cheryl Hasenfus, Readfield Elementary School principal.

At those times, Nicholas writes by holding a pen or pencil between his upper arms.

On behalf of Zaner-Bloser, a publisher of educational materials, Hasenfus presented a trophy to Nicholas during a school assembly for his excellent penmanship. The school is in Readfield, Maine.

Inspired by his ability, Zaner-Bloser decided to create a new award category in his honor: Nicholas Maxim Special Award for Excellent Penmanship

Other winners of the competition will be announced in May. Link -via Arbroath

I saw this story in several other places, and almost none of them actually show his handwriting. I mean, it's kind of the most important part of the story. I can imagine what a boy with no arms looks like; I have no idea what his writing looks like.

The Daily Mail's version of the story has an actual sample.
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Saying a kid has good handwriting and recognizing him for it is hardly patronizing.

His handwriting is actually pretty darn good for a kid his age period.

would you rather he be told to sit own and not bother the kids with arms?
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Not to detract from the kid's achievement, but I saw samples of his writing, and most kids in my elementary school wrote more neatly.
I admire the kid's effort, but I admire honesty more.
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Even after seeing the sample text, I think the kid is awesome. They DID say the award was because of how well he did considering his disability. Comparing his handwriting to other fifth graders is not an issue. How many other fifth graders can write that well with their elbows? And he did NOT take an award that would have gone to an able-bodied student.
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