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Cosmetic Surgery Craze: Pointed Ears

Would you like to have pointed ears like a Vulcan or an elf? There are doctors and body modification artists who will do it for you. Doctors warn that it's essentially permanent, so be sure of your decision before going under the knife. There's a video at the link from ABC's morning show, which is labeled "Spock Ears for Kids", though they're no indication that children are getting the procedure.

Link via io9 | Image: ABC News | Previously: Pointy Ears

@Him, I would be surprised if that is the cause of your big ears. BTEs have no contact with the tops or edges of the pinna, they just sit behind the ear, so I don't see a mechanism by which that would be posible. Perhaps they are just growing with age.
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"Hurt is right. Haworth, who charges $600 for both ears, can't use anesthetic on his pixie patients because he's not an actual doctor. Because actual doctors know that altering such important body parts can result in major deformities and infection that could entirely destroy the ear within days."

Whoever wrote that article either is a bad journalist or has a strong anti bodmod agenda. If the person had actually bothered to talk with Steve Haworth he or she would have realized just how competent he is in his field and how much he knows about the risks involved. He's also very good at making sure that his clients know about the risks and that they know how to care for their mods once they're done. He's nothing but professional, which is something I can't say for a lot of doctors.
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Being professional does make him qualified.
He and many other modders out there are frustrated wannabe Drs that think reading some books and medical journals is all it takes.
I am heavily tattooed but have always been against these charlatans.... Tell you what, I read how dentist pull teeth put and can sterilize some pliers, come on over next time you need dental work.
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I've wanted to have elf ears for years. That being said I wouldn't have anyone other then a licensed board certified plastic surgeon do the procedure. Even if I could afford it I would still need to seriously think about it. Upper ear cartilage can certainly heal improperly and cause deformity. That and I know that area does not heal quickly for me. My industrial piercing I got in September of 2010 is just now finally completely healing on the upper piercing.
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When I first heard about this I thought "That sounds cool" then I found a video on youtube of a guy getting this done without any anethesia and I almost threw up my breakfast. Basically, all they do is cut away a part of the ear to make it look pointed. Would you let some random tattoo artist perform surgery on you??? C'mon people.

(not for the faint of heart)
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Interestingly, I offer a similar operation where I cut away parts of your soul, the parts that aren't satisfied with who you are and cause you to engage in all kinds of personal augmenation. Infection isn't a problem, though there is a small chance I might take off a bit too much.
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@ Ryan S

Yes but how is this different from say a nose job?

Personally I think that if you think a nose job is going to fix anything; you are on the wrong track.

But in the end we all care how we look; or else we would be wearing old dirty rags as clothes.

We didn't choose the body we end up with, so why not change it to something we like more?
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It doesn't actually say they ARE performing it on children. The neatorama link even says there is no mention of children actually getting it done. It's just a poor tag choice.

These body-mod artists aren't necessarily tattoo artists I wouldn't call this doctor a "random tattoo artist" as he has educated himself in his endeavor and makes his clients aware of all risk involved...tattooing is a seperate thing altogether. Some people choose to do piercings, others tattoo, others mod, some do all of the above.

Lots of uneducated assuming going on in the comment section here...if it's not for you, it doesn't mean it's wrong.
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