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PETA Offers $1 Million Prize for Lab-Grown Meat

No stranger to controversy and publicity stunts, PETA is back - and this time, the animal rights group is putting money where its mouth is: PETA is offering a $1 million reward to the first scientist to produce and bring to market lab-grown meat.

Scientists around the world are researching or seeking the funds to research ways to produce meat in the laboratory—without killing any animals. In vitro meat production would use animal stem cells that would be placed in a medium to grow and reproduce. The result would mimic flesh and could be cooked and eaten. Some promising steps have been made toward this technology, but we're still several years away from having in vitro meat be available to the general public.

PETA is now stepping in and offering a $1 million reward to the first scientist to produce and bring to market in vitro meat.

Would you eat lab-grown meat? Link

For once, PETA is doing something that isn't THAT bats**t insane. This actually makes some semblance of sense!

I'll definitely eat lab-grown meat if it tastes and feels exactly like meat, and I know exactly where it came from and what's in it. That's not to say it'll ever replace real animals in my lifetime, because we all know animals are delicious!
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I can't wait to see a crowd of anti-GM food protestors picketing PETA headquarters. The irony will be far more delicious than this fake meat will be, I'm sure.
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Ever since I was a kid I've wanted food production to switch to such products. Of course... I was also quite into Star Trek: The Next Generation, had some familiarity with various popular sci-fi novels, and a certain D&D module featuring artificial food all contributed to that. But the movie 'The Fly' from the 80s put that into perspective: just because you can produce the correct proteins and so-on... doesn't mean you know how to 'cook'. The initial results would probably be unpalatable. But yes OH GOD YES, please begin work in earnest towards producing these kinds of food. I like chicken. I like chicken eggs. I like fish. I like beef, and veal, and all sorts of good yummy meat. But I don't like how these creatures are treated. I'm a meat-eater with feelings... FEELINGS, DAMNIT.
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Don't see what's so yuck about it. Specially if the taste. texture and nutritional values are exactly the same as "normal" meat.
1 million is a bit on the cheap side though. With as much money as the organization makes, they could offer more.
1 mill, while a good bit, still isn't all that much nowadays.
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It's nice to see PETA working towards a solution instead of just berating people about the "problem".

And in this case, I think it is a very practical and elegant solution to what they see as a problem. It has the potential to eliminate the need for livestock (reducing harmful environmental effects and cost) and if it can be achieved technologically, is a perfect replacement.
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The only good thing about PETA is when they manage to talk other equally stupid hot chicks to pose nekkid for them - otherwise, I have no use for them, or this ludicrous fake-meat they keep pushing.
America was built on BEEF & OIL - the exact things PETA, and the bunch of ignorant wannabe Hipsters in the current Administration seem to loath.
You can have your fake meat, and all of the disgusting side-effects I'm sure it will entail - just leave the rest of us the fvck alone to also live as we choose.
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Regardless of a scientist being able to "bring the goods to the table" I would be willing to be that the lab grown meat would cost an exponential amount more than any domesticated animal as the resources needed would be greater than field,water,food,time. That's nothing to say of the people who would be left jobless if Peta succeeded as they have worked their lives around the growth and processing of real live animals, and not in a lab harvesting and processing cultures.
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These PETA folks are not hooked up correctly. If they had anything upstairs, they'd know that McDonald's invented the stuff years ago and call it the McNugget.
Look - If we are not supposed to eat meat, why are cows made out of steak?
Bring on the topless girls!!!!

You know, these wankers don't like you to kill or even catch fish. So I expect that our slimy little friends will get the same treatment as Bessie. I shutter imagining chewing up that first run of synthetic salmon. Holy Monkey....
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America was built on BEEF & OIL - the exact things PETA, and the bunch of ignorant wannabe Hipsters in the current Administration seem to loath.

America was also built on slavery, but you see where THAT got us. As for the beef and oil, well.. we have this current war and high obesity rates so I think, as country, we're doing great!
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didn't they announce this years ago? i remember reading that there wa sa big internal stink, because a bunch feel that meat, regardless of the source, is murder.. peta vs its own internal vegan population. good job though PETA, your agenda can be met by working WITH science, instead of against it.
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Except part of the problem with lab grown meat is that it's just a bunch of cells. The meat we're familiar with is muscle--aka, what you get from moving around and having to support a skeletal structure. Growing a bunch of muscle tissue doesn't make it the same kind of meat we're used to.
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I like that Peta is promoting this idea, but agree that that is not much money. Vat grown ground beef is just around the corner from what I read in Sci Am.

Questions - If you grew a steak from your own stem cells and consumed it, would you still be a vegan? Would you be a cannibal if it was grown from your own cell-line?
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All I'll say is that if PETA put just a fraction of the energy, time and money that they consume remaining controversial into, you know, actually helping animals, they'd get a lot done.

And I used to belong to PETA and donate money to them, but I got disgusted after one too many publicity stunts. That, and the fact that they openly advocate euthanizing animals rather than keeping them as domestic pets.
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Douglas Adams had it right. Breed intelligent animals who WANT to be eaten. Maybe we could feed them Peta holdouts.

I think Dwight Schrute figured out how to harvest meat from a horse without killing it.

Just trying to be helpful.
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Sounds like something that Dr Frankenstein or Granma Stuffum would create. imagine if that so called "mutated meat creation" that PeTA created would and could turn on it's creators and destroy them?????? Seriously if it does not looks, cooks or taste like real meat, then I'm NOT going to touch NOR eat that PeTA Monstrosity!!
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