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Living in 90 Square Feet

(YouTube link)

Felice Cohen lives in a Manhattan "microstudio" that measures 12' x7'. My home office on the back porch is twice that! She pays $700 a month rent and considers it a bargain. That's because the average apartment rent in this Upper West Side neighborhood is $3,600. Link -via Metafilter

Gotta go with the FNY crowd-UNLESS...You never sleep not unlike the city with everything, AND/OR the reason for putting up with lack of personal amenities such as sayyyy, room to copulate comfortably....HELLO??!

Nice place to visit I hear, especially when you spend most of your time while living there visiting people with bidet, home theaters, penthouse kitchens, etc....

Some folks live there because they can't get that NY experience anywhere else-N-Yorkers understand that all you who think NY is whack, are simply pussies.
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I love New York! If I were 30 years younger and alone, I could deal with this. When I was that young, I lived in some pretty cramped places. There was one apartment I had to put my clothing drawers in the kitchen storage area. And another in which you couldn't open the oven and refrigerator at the same time, and you couldn't enter the bathroom if either were open. Still, they were bigger than this place!
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The site that vid is from rocks. Lots of great ideas on downsizing, getting back to nature and green technologies. I've surfed it for quite some time.
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Has anyone considered that her apartment is actually to constrictive for two people to have sex, except on the floor next to her desk?

There isn't even enough room for missionary position on her bed.
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It's really about lifestyle. If you're the type of person who is almost never home, because of career and socializing, paying for a ton of space doesn't make sense. For a young professional in New York, long days at the office combined with a city that offers unlimited opportunities for interesting activities, the living space just needs to be a place to sleep, wash up and store clothing. If you want sex, you'll find a way to make it happen or pick a partner who has a bit more space than you do.

OTOH, if you live in a boring city or aren't a people person, then yeah, you need to be somewhere that will give you more personal space to do your own thing for a relatively low price. For me, I like to be somewhere between the two extremes.
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NYC rocks! Been here over 20 years and LOVE it. I couldn't live in such a small space (and fortunately I don't have to) but she really makes it work.
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Wow! Kudos to her. I know I couldn't do it, but she seems to make it work for her. It helps to be organized, but I would feel very claustrophobic in that space.
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$700 for renting that li'l amount of space. Ridiculous! Felice, if UWS and living alone isnt that important - ull get a lot of decent space sharing an apt with 2 other ppl in say LES at that rent.
And, If u can pay $1100ish you'll get a 1BR converted in 2 in Midtown high rise.. i lived in one at that price 6 months ago. Why pay THAT much for such little amt of space is beyond me!!!
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