Egyptian "Dog Catacomb" Has 8 Million Mummified Dogs

In a labyrinth of tunnels beneath the Egyptian desert lies a truly remarkable catacomb containing the mummified remains of dogs and jackals.

Now, since this is Egypt, mummies aren't exactly unusual - what made the Dog Catacomb so different is that it contains an immense amount of mummified puppies:

They estimate the catacombs contain the remains of 8 million animals. Given the sheer numbers of animals, it is likely they were bred by the thousands in puppy farms around the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis, according to the researchers. The Dog Catacombs are located at Saqqara, the burial ground for the ancient capital Memphis.

"Our findings indicate a rather different view of the relationship between people and the animals they worshipped than that normally associated with the ancient Egyptians, since many animals were killed and mummified when only a matter of hours or days old," Nicholson said. "These animals were not strictly 'sacrificial.' Rather, the dedication of an animal mummy was regarded as a pious act, with the animal acting as intermediary between the donor and the gods."

Link (Photo: Scott Williams/Cardiff University) | More at the Daily Mail

What? You mean the Egyptians were totally non-Gaia-caring and bred animals for their pleasure despite the ecological consequences of their canine folly? They wasted resources like food and personal wealth for something as insignificant as canine companionship? They allowed the world to be polluted by all these puppies, while there were starving Egyptians getting no help from the government?

Utter outrage, I tell you.

I can't wait to see how PETA will react.
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I don't get how the "dedication of an animal as a pious act" is any different from "sacrificial". In fact, that's pretty much the definition of the word.
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