Talking Babies

YouTube link.

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to determine what they are talking about.

The missing sock?  Or something more profound?

Via Reddit, where it is speculated that they are Italian (because of all the hand gestures).

Oh my goodness, that is about the cutest thing I've seen in a while (excepting my own kid of course ^_^)! My cousin has fraternal twins (boy and girl) who refused for the longest time to talk to anyone besides each other. However, they'll have full conversations with each other in baby babble/twinspeak that no one else can understand, and my aunt thinks they need speech therapy. They're not even 3 yet. Oy.
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I think the one on the left is trying to convince the one on the right that Japanese Sumo Wrestling is fixed just like "Pro" Wrestling is in the West. The one on the right isn't budging on his firm belief that it's a true and honorable sport (in fact he laughs in the face of the one on the left on his weak and inconclusive logic). Then the one on the left reminds the one on the right that he's already lost one sock in betting, how much more is he willing to lose?
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I can see it more like two little Italian men arguing. Too funny and cute. It is a little creepy that they can actually understand each other, but isn't that one of the creepy things about twins? Very cute though and very funny. thanks for sharing.
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I think the one on the right is thinking (abstractly, because he doesn't know the words) "My brother is putting me on; he doesn't know how to talk yet. But, OK, I'll play along with it."
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They're saying "thymine, adenine, thymine, adenine, thymine, adenine, thymine, adenine..."

Keep practicing, kids! At this rate you'll be making proteins in no time.
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It's about the socks. The baby in the corner is missing a sock. The other baby has mismatched socks. The mismatch baby is trying to convince the one-sock baby that it would be better to wear mismatched socks than to wear only one sock. One-sock baby is not convinced.

Wow. I almost convinced myself that this was the topic.
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the one with both socks on seems to be putting question marks at the end of many of his 'sentences'. the little guy with one sock seems to be making only statements. based on his hand gestures, baby-1-sock appears to me to be denying and/or disagreeing with everything baby-2-socks asks/says. not to mention flat out laughing at him. very fun to watch and listen to.
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Cute overload! I am about to crack my rib cage laughing over that and my brain is flooding with near fatal doses of the chemical that triggers "cute awareness."

I swear my son has had this exact conversation with his cousin. They are not twins, but six weeks apart.

Tara Maya
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dragonmamma/naomi cracked me up.
I have no idea what they're talking about, but they are conversing more skillfully that a lot of people I know: both are listening and observing when the other speaks, and often thinking before they say their own piece. Very impressive. I hope it stays with them.
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God bless those two little angels. They are very entertaining. I agree with their conversation having something to do with the socks and the fact that they must be part of a large Italian family. I love these kinds of videos and would like to see more of them.
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2-sock baby is a goody goody control freak disciplinarian planner type who likes things just so. 1-sock baby is rough and tough, independent, free spirited and finds it easier to go with the flow in life.

2-sock baby berates 1-sock baby for losing his sock. 1-sock baby is amused with his brother's choice of grave tone for such a trivial matter. He raises his leg and argues his foot is not hurting from the loss.

2-sock baby tries to drill some sense into his brother. 1-sock baby remains amused and gestures his brother to back off.

2-sock baby persists with cogent reasoning in favor of keeping one's toes warm in nippy weather. 1-sock baby just doesn't want to hear it and puts his hands up and waves off his brother dismissively.

Exasperated, 2-sock baby imitates the hand movement mockingly. Suddenly, 1-sock baby's brave face falters and he finds himself at a loss for a quick repartee.

The rest is on
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