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What Is It? game 170

It's once again time for our collaboration with the always amusing What Is It? Blog. Can you guess what the pictured item is? Can you make up something interesting?

Place your guess in the comment section below. One guess per comment, please, though you can enter as many as you'd like. Post no URLs or weblinks, as doing so will forfeit your entry. Two winners: the first correct guess and the funniest (albeit ultimately wrong) guess will win T-shirt from the NeatoShop.

Please write your T-shirt selection alongside your guess. If you don't include a selection, you forfeit the prize, okay? May we suggest the Science T-Shirt, Funny T-Shirt and Artist-Designed T-Shirts?

For another picture showing a close-up detail, check out the What Is It? Blog. Good luck!

Update: To be honest, this week it was hard to tell which answers were honest guesses and which were trying to be funny! just a guess was the first with the correct answer: this is a measuring device for a horse's neck, so collars can be custom-sized. The funniest answer prize goes to The Professor, who called it "Occam's Hooky-Thing" that wasn't quite as successful as Occam's Razor.

Its 18" long, so width is some 4". The metal piece can slide up into the wooden part, numbers on it range from 15 to 25. So non zero scale.
Primitive foot measuring device? 15-25 unit range indicates Japanese shoe. Deduce: A Japanese foot measuring device.

A Day Without Nuclear Fusion L Black
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It's a hook to unlock your car door. (I think it might be called a 'car-jack'? Slide it down inside the the window and the hook grabs the locking mechanism and releases it.

mmm-pi size large
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It's a Suspenders-measuring device invented by Dr. Roderick Mulrooney in 1952. The hook goes over the shoulder, and the wooden handle goes... Well, Dr. Mulrooney didn't think about the logistics too well, and now starts his introductions with "In accordance with Megan's Law..."

Great Vocab Didn't Save The Thesaurus From Extinction Size L
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A Rongle Hook. Its used to adjust a gentlemen's personal parts while being fitted for a tuxedo.

Tshirt come to the dark side, we have cookies s xl
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This tool was used by cowboys in the early West to calm spooked horses. Usually lashed to the side of the saddle, the cowboy might pull it out during a thunderstorm or while passing near a rattler. Astute horsemen know that a soothing belly scratch quickly calms the animal's nerves.
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If you really enjoy that game where you tap someone on the shoulder and then you quickly look the other way and act as though you were not the person tapping then you'll love this item. No longer do you need two people to play!! Just lay it over your shoulder and slide the wooden handle towards and away from your chest for endless fun and trickery.
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This is an Egyptian Mummification tool, used in the first step of the process.....removing the brain.

med....light blue...when life gives you mold.
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Its a "dry" scale for measuring cowboy hats. This is for the all hat, no cattle set (ex. Jerry Jones). It measures 15 to 25 gallon hats without getting them wet.

- XL
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The main component of a DIY abortion kit.

Not even gonna bother with a shirt, I know that won't win.

But that's all I can think of when I see it, haha.

inb4 butthurt.
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An incredibly useful cat-toy scooper, perfect for under the stove, between the fridge and wall, and other hard to reach places that your cat's paws can't reach.

Love bike racing, Mens Small
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At the stroke of midnight, when the clouds passed over the moon and the wind whispered in the trees, Old Jonah told the story about the insane fisherman who haunted these woods. Suddenly there was a sound off in the distance. A scraping sound, like metal on metal. Closer the sound came. The campfire crackled and shot up sparks as the campers sat huddled together near the dying fire. Closer now, the sound of metal on metal. ssccrraappe! There it was, again! Just outside of the campfire's orange glow, Old Jonah turned his watery eyes towards the direction of the sound just as "the hook" came flashing out of nowhere and cut his head off! The campers screamed and ran off into the darkness, never to be heard from again, never, ever to return... This is the very hook the insane fisherman used to kill Old Jonah.
mmm-pi size large
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It's a stage hook for mouse circus's. When the mice are getting booed, the ring master uses the hook to yank the mouse off stage!

2XL Unicorn Poop
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This looks like a high end version of a tool I used to use back when I was restocking newspaper boxes. You insert most of the way in into the coin slot, then pull up so you can restock the box without having to carry around a pocket full of quarter slugs. I made mine out of a regular wire hanger.

One large "I Heart 8 Bit Video Games" T Plz.
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Although his Razor became much more successful, Occam's Hooky-Thing with Wood was an interesting attempt to explain the theory of "Don't turn your back on a boomerang"

Clever/Stupid M
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it's the device they use to grab bad actors off of the stage at showtime. it expands so they can catch particularly wily actors that refuse to leave and try to outrun the hook.

clever/stupid Large
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After all the brew-ha-ha - the TSA decides to scarp the scanners and groping to use this old school methods to check your orifices. The gauge measures how deep it can go before it bumps into a "package".
If you live you are a terrorist, if you bleed you aren't.

monkeys xl
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Reply to ladybuggs...

I think the size of the device is to small to "measure desired sleeve length",

However it seems possible that the device is useful to measure a distance value between shoulder and armpit required to determine the size of a sleeve opening / arm holes of a vest...

But this is only a rough guess and without the initial idea of ladybuggs iwouldn't have considered such a solution..

Wizard of Oz, The Short Version 2XL
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Ninja assualt/tactical weapon. It could be twirled around the ankle to fight off the enemy should muliples attack thusly slicing off their legs. It took 10 years of special training to use two at the same time.
protect your nuts 2 xl
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It seems to be a instructing device that help young vulcanians in learning the right hand position for administring the "vulcan nerve pinch" as well as the "Vulcan mind meld", as known from commander Spock in Startreck..

live long an prosper...

Wizard of Oz, The Short Version 2X
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Could also be a lenght adgustable french single-prong fork for eating (giant) snails roasted in the shell in garlic butter direclty form the Gastropod shell...

The length of the fork is adjustable to be adapted to differently sized shells..

Wizard of Oz, The Short Version 2X
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