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Futuristic Peripheral Projects a Mousing Surface Anywhere

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Celluon has invented a new type of mouse that reads simple finger movements as mousing commands. The evoMouse also appears to respond to finger commands common to smartphones, like zooming. It's pretty cool, but I'm waiting for a Minority Report glove. via DVICE

Great for casual users who were introduced to the internet via iphone coverage (and why do they have an iphone anyway?), but nobody who uses a computer for work or especially entertainment would be interested in this.
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Have you ever used a trackpad for a long time, your fingers get kind of raw and bothered after some time, and if you're lucky you'll develop calluses over time that means you're not so bothered by it. That's on surfaces designed for long term finger usage, how is it against other surfaces? Your fingers are pretty much going to hate you after a while.

Neat idea, but fails to address some major issues.
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@mentalcrud, it's adding portability, if you're thinking about the big touchpads, or usability/control, if you're thinking about the small ones. It adds extra options, as compared to a small mouse (rotate, zoom and other gestures).

Having said that, I fear it's going to be horribly expensive, awkward and unreliable (and the latter two points will lead to a constantly high price point). Not to mention MrPumpernickel's rant, which I completely agree with.
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pranav mistry [total genius] has some great ideas along this line... wouldn't be surprised if some of this code is in there somewhere...
He did a Ted talk some time ago on his 'Sixth Sense' interface ideas...
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If we're going to be simplifying and revolutionizing things, how about we leave the humble mouse to do its job and start making a device that would strip all those wanton apostrophes from this video? "1960s" and "PCs", like all plurals, do not warrant apostrophes.

If you're going to be vain enough to call your product the "EvoMouse", you should probably have better grammar in your own fart-sniffing demo reel.

I'm probably being unfair, though - I wouldn't want this anyway. I'd rather have a tactile experience, and I'm sure that buying a physical mouse or keyboard will continue to be far cheaper.
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Douglas Adams described the evolution of such devices in his delightful opus, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

When a casual gesture can actuate your computer, you need a different control system.
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